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  • How to Grow Love and Compassion Out of Suffering
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The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine is a pioneer and leader in the field of mind-body-spirit medicine. As a provider of continuing education for health and mental health care professionals for over 20 years, NICABM is at the forefront of developing and delivering programs with "take home" ideas, immediately adaptable for practitioners to use with their patients.

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What Practitioners Have To Say

"What an outstanding call - full of understandable physiological information, implications for our clients, and ideas for therapy and intervention. This material is renewing my enthusiasm for my professional practice."

Joanne Williams

Joanne Williams, Social Work

Gilston, Australia

"I always find Ruth's teleseminar series have highly informative presentations which are directly applicable to the work I do with clients. The way Ruth draws out each presenter makes it easy to see how to put these insights and techniques into practice... When I finish listening to these seminars, I approach my work with a renewed excitement and purpose."

Dawn Vincent

Dawn Vincent, Social Work

Camberwell, Australia