6 Facts about Chronic Pain

Here are some important things you may not know about chronic pain: • According to the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, people who have fibromyalgia are 3.4 times more likely to develop major depression than individuals without fibromyalgia. • Most people with fibromyalgia are women (Female: Male ratio 7:1). However, men…

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Chronic Pain and Mind-Body Medicine: A Classic Pairing?

Have you ever had pain that you couldn’t explain? As I’m getting (slightly) older, I have more random pain that just seems to appear on its own. And while I do expect some unexplained aches and pains, many people have pain that isn’t related to the aging process – yet their doctors are unable to…

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Thyroid Disorders, Environmental Toxins and Pregnancy: The Alarming Connection

Thyroid disorders were rarely discussed by lay people until Oprah spoke out about the topic in 2007, shedding light on a critically important issue. And why is the thyroid so important? The thyroid produces hormones that regulate many of the body’s metabolic functions. More and more research is surfacing that connects them to various conditions…

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From Genetics to Environmental Toxins: Searching for the Causes of Autism

Autism – just the word causes panic in parents everywhere. When I was growing up, polio had a similar effect.  But the vaccine for polio has been found, while work on the prevention and treatment of autism is still continuing feverously. To the horror of families with an autistic child, the scientific community can offer…

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How Qigong and Mind Body Therapy are Being Used to Treat Burnout

What do you think of when you hear the term “burnt out?” These days, everyone seems to be stressed. The strains of balancing work, relationships, family and recreation can be overwhelming and exhausting. But burnout is different – suffering from long-term fatigue, stress, and disinterest is life altering. In May, a new study was published…

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Stress, Obesity and Our Children: What Mind-Body Research Says

Our lifestyle choices can create direct routes to conditions like inflammation. Even more recently, information linking psychoneuroimmunology and depression with stress and obesity has surfaced.