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  1. Yes I certainly find that listening, really listening to my patients, considering their views and educating them (by explaining what they have and how the treatment works) and then including them in the healing process with active participation with specific exercises, home icing heat etc. works very well indeed. Also I believe that a collaborative process helps to prevent further episodes – the patient feels more in control of their own health which is so very empowering. So there appears to be a number of elements at work, not just placebo… This is also a very satisfying way to work :).

  2. Perhaps it is more important than we realize, that when we feel like finding a friend to listen to us, we do so. We may be preventing an illness. There may be all kind of possibilities for making the world a better place. It wouldn’t hurt to become more skilled at listening and see what happens.
    Donna Ellison

  3. Don’t know about the common cold, but i do know that a warm and friendly Therapist who really listens to me when i am concerned aabout some tough life issues, who makes some gentle suggestions that may improve my thinking and feeling so that my doing then might become more focused and effective , then this is truly empathetic and therapeutic. elizabeth

  4. What if love causes the body to relax and open up, allowing normal functioning?
    What if fear (the absence of love – anger, sorrow, grief, terror, boredom, judgment, etc) causes the body to contract and blocks normal functioning?
    What if this has been known for eons?
    It’s nice that “science” is catching up to common sense.

  5. It is often severe cold or ‘ flu which prevents several of my Trustees from travelling to our regular meetings Each already gives huge amounts of their energies and time to support needy bods in our communities– greater self recognition of their beneficialcontributions to others would probably give them rather more strengthened physical and personal health…

  6. The book ” Monsters and Magical Sticks” by Steven Heller, PhD & Terry Steele is highly recommended in order to understand HOW ‘ empathy ‘ heals a person’s dual-brain / bilaterally symmetrical body. c.1987
    “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton is a genetic Paradigm-shifter
    “Iodine … Why You Need It … why you can’t live without it” by David Brownstein, MD is insightfully indispensable regarding essential nutrition c. 2009
    “Minding My Mitochondria” by Terry L. Wahls, MD is highly recommended for overall BRAIN-body nutrition that WORKS ! ( She overcame stage 4 MS – multiple sclerosis ! ) c. 2010
    But the BEST is “HEALING IS VOLTAGE… Healing Eye Eiseases” by Dr. Jerry Tennant, MD c. 2011

  7. I luv your series on the brain and all the others I’ve been privileged to listen to. Thank you.
    I luv that science is finding more and more connections between mind-body-spirit. I do believe that a practitioner’s empathy goes a long way to healing.Empathy evokes the feelings connected with compassion and concern.
    I was dx w/cancer in December and am grateful that I have professionals who have shown me such empathy as a whole person. Alongside from the treatments (holistic and allopathic), I believe that is why the tumor has shrunk and that the malignancy is now dormant. It certainly makes going to the doctors less stressful, even ‘tho the news isn’t always what I want to hear.
    Thanx again for your series.

    • Hello John, It is many years since you introduced Deborah Fish and me to your BRAC cycles, and we’ve used them ever since. Deb is practicing in the UK now. I have found that it is much easier to introduce BRAC to people than to meditation. After all, everyone that I know is interested in an Ultradian break and the mystery of one’s nostrils swapping sides; and when to do taxes or take a break! I think kindly of you every night as I settle onto a pillow….and breathe more comfortably.

  8. I have feeling fascinated with these series. I have been using these approach for years not only in the clinical field, as a psychotherapist also with organizations while working as an organizational psychologist all around. But the most important one, is with my personal relatioships. Now, is becoming proven.For me the word is connection. I am so happy, I could scream. actually I did it!!!
    Thank you again for this wonderfull opprotunity

  9. Wow this is extremely interesting! I don’t do research however I know experientially that being present and in tune with clients makes all the difference, for a variety of reasons. Thanks for sharing!