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  1. thank you interesting, i hope i can pass this and pass it on to my future generation and beyond

  2. Thank you cant wait to review more!!! 🙂

  3. I love Ram Dass

  4. Please remember that “religious individual” and “spiritual wisdom” are not the same (as implied in Ruth’s comments about the study of teenagers.
    Ram Dass has been a teacher to me for at least forty years. He is the essence of “spiritual wisdom”. His presence in my mind has been an anchor of sanity for four decades. My gratitude is, well, hard to express with words. I try to express it with my life.

  5. I host an online radio show called Spiritual Coaching-Creating A Vibrant Life found on unityonlineradio.
    I am director of Unity Life Coaching Center and manager of Unity Retreats. I have found that the greatist suggering comes from our sense of loss of connection. We humans are all desiring to do our best. What gets in the way is our chattering mind but what remains true is found in our courageous heart. Blessed Be Carla


  7. Essentially beautiful…grateful thanks.

  8. great info!
    all ‘aired’ articles are extremely helpful and informative.
    thank you

  9. I feel so honored to experience Ram Dass ♥. I can’t thank you guys enough!! He speaks to the real me like no one else.

  10. Loving awareness is an operational term, whereas calling it ‘spiritual’ just muddies it. I can’t comment on the study, as I have no idea about the other variables, such as class which may be involved in the outcome. Humanistic psychology has a long bow in discussing care and respect for the other, and is the basis on which other psychological modalities is based. However, I will now do a review to see what constructs and variables are involved in these sorts of studies. I wonder if there are similar studies in more secular nations, such as Australia and Sweden, where kindness is thought of has human rather than spiritual?

  11. Its all about putting the mind in the heart and being in your soul. ” Not your head ” untell a day comes and you know right from wronge and only then can you live it. What is it ? It is spirit/Sourse/God, What ever its called. Its how you will see your self when the body passes ! Untill then do the best you can: of what you understand of your self and the world.
    With Love ( Just be Happy )
    Son Martinez

  12. In a professional care need situation or even seeking to relate to others in need, distress or the human need to reach out and connect meaningfully, it can be difficult to relate to others when we have internal agendas and demands on our time. Being in the ‘now’ moment, focussed on the needs of others by learning to listen attentively, and showing that we are doing so, and reflecting back the feelings of others in a genuine and sincere way creates empathic rapport and a meaningful connection with others. That can be the practise of ‘loving awareness’ demonstrated and applied. Then it is not just a simplistic catch phrase to latch on to.
    How we respond to and relate to others determines the therapeutic outcome. If it’s with loving awareness relating to someone in emotional pain or fear and distress, the creation of empathy can have a healing affect. We can feel better emotionally when others listen well and enable us to express what we feel without being too quick in forming personal judgements. Kindness knows no cost except the degree of genuine attentiveness and awareness given to others lovingly. This can be difficult to practice at times, and professionals try to maintain boundaries, but is mutually therapeutic and beneficial to self and others.
    Carl Rogers a humanistic psychologist called it: ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’. He was just trying to relate to others in a genuine and loving, aware and respectful way when particularly young people were upset, agitated, angry and in deep despair.
    Thank you for having interesting and sincere speakers. They are a refreshing change from all the hype, spin and psycho babble that tends to prevail so much when someone is intent on selling something we don’t really need. What we need is to learn how to listen to each other with more awareness, to create a more conscious and loving connection. We all breathe the air of life and spirit pervades all of us and connects us together as one that is whole and healing to all who feel and consciously and intuitively connect with the underlying essence of life.

  13. Thank you Ram Das- for the 30 + years of inspiration you have given me and so many others.

  14. It was great to see all these wonderous beings again. Sitting with Ram Dass just now and listening to his wisphering was like being back with him in the 80’s. Thank you for this gift. Linda

  15. Phew! That Ram Dass piece just blew me away – looking forward to Wednesday’s presentation. Thanks!

  16. Dear Ruth, I have worked with many of these speakers and have their books. However, I have not seen Ram Dass for years and it is gratifying to see how well he is. Unfortunately I am on Cape Cod without a connection to you unless I go to Dunkin Donuts – which is where I am now. But with the TV on and lots of people talking it is impossible to hear your video. I will be here for 2 more wekks but Ram Dass is the only person I need to hear.
    Anne Arsenault

  17. Ruth, I get emails re so many webinars re coaching, abundance etc. I’m really tired of most of them.
    Yours is the one that speaks to me. They’re in the middle of the day when I’m working. Any chance of a free replay.
    Thanks for bringing us spirituality sans sales of other products. I think whatever I was able to listen to is inspiring to bring more spirituality to my career consulting work.

  18. WhatI like so much about loving awareness is that it can be religious or secular.
    Spiritual is a fuzzy word, onto which much is projected. It is better to dig deeper and say with other words what you mean. For example — loving awareness.

  19. I look forward to the next video. Thank you for the opportunity

  20. This video was not working. When I clicked the forward button in the middle of the screen it simply went to black and stayed there. When I clicked several times on the pause button to get it to start…nothing happened. When I tried to advance the clip by moving the little white ball that appears on the line with the red trailer…..nothing happened.
    I would like to watch the video. Hopefully tech folks can fix it and you can re-send! Thanks!

  21. After listening to a most touching meditation by Ram Dass saying “I am loving awareness” and after listening to Echart Tolle talk about being in the present moment, I decided to put in practice being present- by touching my clothes with my hands or whatever to draw me into the present moment. Then I would consciously say-to myself- [“I am l(breath in)] [loving awareness” (breath out)]. I made a conscious effort to do this & to feel this throughout the day-no matter what was going on around me–discontent, arguing, happiness, etc. The results were amazing-amazingly amazing.
    Thank you for sharing the words and concepts presented in the above video–and a special thanks for the whispers of Ram Dass.

    • Thank you for helping me understand the whisper…

  22. Ruth –
    Your ability to tantalize our minds and spirits with these video collages is getting better and better. Presented so well, these snippets not only make me want more, but so quickly bless my spirit , affirming what is happening in my own life as well as my clients.
    It’s also great fun to see what I truly believe is a reflection of the movement in your life and spirit.
    To borrow Anne of Green Gables’ sentiment, we are, in fact, kindred spirits.
    Thank you for continuing to reach out to us –
    Deb Garner

  23. Thank you to all who are making this series possible. Each session so far has opened my heart and set my mind at ease. I am feeling the connectedness so intensely AND appreciatively. This series has helped me to know that I am on a healing path…..healing into life and healing into death.
    Deep bows to all who are giving and sharing of themselves so that I may learn.
    Much love, gassho and shalom!

  24. What a lovely little video- beautifully composed and full of wisdom. I feel peaceful and grounded after watching- look forward to hearing Ram Das this week. Thank you for the opportunity.

  25. These video talks are incredible reminders in a world that, for the most part, does not include them in the everyday experience!

  26. Ram Dass is such an approachable teacher…besides being inspired at a deep level…I bought his first book “Be Here Now” while I was living in Salt Lake – he gave a speech and he was GREAT! I met him briefly – never will forget! He and I are the same age – we were both born in April 1932.

  27. The word awareness is so important. – To be aware of the choises I make. Be true to myself and when I have made the choise also act upon it. It is not till I act that I become visible. For myself and others. This takes time, courage, honesty and commitment.
    Thank yor for this seminar. This is a wonderful way of sharing.

  28. I am so pleased that living from our hearts is being acknowledged in a more profound way. This is the New age, this is our future, this is how we heal.

  29. If we all could believe we are GOD we would be doing Divine things. BREATH: The ultimate secret to LIFE is all we have to do. With every breath I take in, more of who I really am and breath out all the debri. Doing conscious connected breathing, rebirthing changed my life and so my environment. If I can breath it I can live it.
    About ego: I love it, but learned to always put unconditional love up front so every action I undertake will end up being a loveaction.
    Dr Ruth I love what you do and respect all the time you take to do it.

  30. Wow–what a gift you are giving us all…to help us remember what is essential in life…and what is essential to remember during this time of transformation.
    A million thanks, Emma Bragdon