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  1. Awesome material you fellas got these. I actually like the theme for the website along with how you organized a person who. It’s a marvelous job For certain i will come back and check out you out sometime.

  2. Tara Brach is quite brilliant. Her presentation of the subject matter is clear, engaging and articulate. I particularly appreciate her avoidance of new age cliche’s which can be extremely off putting, or at least take away from the credibility of the information.
    I highly recommend Tara Brach for another more compelling reason. Her talks have inspired great change and healing. 10/10

  3. I find that acceptance of where I am at helps me become more peaceful when I am suffering. I try to be patient and practice self acceptance because fighting it makes it worse. If I relax my mind, my body follows and solutions present themselves. I can see my path out and my choices more clearly.

  4. The comment by Joanne D. Gray, Mental Health Therapist, British Columbia – “…behind what someone said about feeling like a failure was probably his desire to do well. (Will) see if he can feel compassion for himself rather than self reprimand,” makes sense, resonates with me. It also helps in understanding why suicide seems the only way out for too many. Certainly suicide survivors participate in self-judgement. They ultimately want to do well, but feel unsuccessful and a burden on society and loved ones instead, lacking compassion for themsleves.

    • Wonderful exainaptlon of facts available here.

  5. Tara’s presentation was open, compassionate, informative, and deeply moving. It reinforces for me, why the integration of Mndfulness, in all of the ways she so articulately and and simply stated, and psychotherapy are such an exquisite blend of paradigms. Thank you for such a fantastic start into this series.

  6. The night after listening to Tara, I had a most peaceful confirming dream that her method helps people understand that earlier experiences can continue to affect their later reactions to others. As a researcher of people’s nighttime dreams about family and other relationships, I suggest that work with understanding dreams can blend well with Tara’s healthful, helpful, caring nature — particularly her use of the RAIN model.
    (I have heard Tara speak before and so knew that she would have a valuable presentation.)