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  1. I’ve found the series extremely interesting – and have just been trying to listen to the
    mind/body series – but to no avail. I thought as a Gold Subscriber I was entitled to download these – please clarify?.

  2. As a Psychiatrist I know the importance of been aware with the principles of neuroscience, neurobiology, and, in the last years the influence of molecules in what is so called Mental illness. More and more we are prone do work with brain rehabilitation , through brain fitness and the results are impressing. The brain is the most complex and intriguing organ of our organism, I think, but not the only one. Our body is a complex system , where every organ has a very specific functioning and correlates to the whole system. The great Maestro of the orchestra is the brain. So in my opinion not only the physicians need to know the importance of it as they should think their specific specialization in a holistic view of the human body and its entangled with the Brain.

  3. My learning and the understanding these seminars provide are life-changing and life-affirming. There are gems of information to learn from every speaker and every interaction that the ripples of this experience creates. When I won the Ipad from NICABM several years ago I started on a journey of learning that has grown expontentially. Working in a non-profit organization one rarely has access to tools and technology for advancement. You not only gave me a vehicle to learning but I have been able to share this information with my colleagues and clients. It’s amazing what happens when communities of learning are created. I’m glad that purchasing the mateials is in some way contributing to your being able to bring this information to anyone with the technology to see it.
    Thank you so much…

  4. I took the test for the Brain Series from 2011 on Saturday and passed it with 88% but couldn’t get the pdf with my CEU certificate. Please advise me about what to do to secure the certificate—-licensure renewal time coming up soon! Thanks, Judith J. Day

  5. I have subscribed to several series and found all the presentations interesting and useful in both my personal life and my work. Reading the book, The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, seemed to provide a perfect context for all the other presentations, including Dr Doidge’s. I recommend it to everyone as an interesting, easy-to-read and potentially life-altering book.
    Thank you, Ruth, for organizing these series. I also appreciated the message from Mary. I hadn’t thought about how our subscriptions were contributing in that way to others.

  6. I, like Mary in CA, am one of those older folks who is no longer working in the field, yet I have learned so much from the free webcasts. How I wish this information was around decades ago. This last series about the brain went by me too fast to remember all I wanted to, so I did subscribe in order to get hard copy. I just can’t retain all the information, but I am extremetly glad I heard them. I also had to miss a couple of sessions and now I can read what was said, or if I can figure out how to view them, I will listen. Thank you for making it possible for us older folks to keep learning.

  7. I listened to Bill Ohanlon and as usual found his talk amazing. I have been on workshops facilitated by Bill over many years, and he has always inspired me. I always found something new to try when working with my clients and the whole brain science programmes just reinforces my own views about how neuroplasticity, and useful these concepts and practices are in creating ongoing possibilities for change.

  8. I am grateful for the work, and I am a gold subscriber. I have subscribed to three series… however the exchange rate from NZ dollar to $US makes it very expensive for me and I do not think it is realistic for me to keep doing so.
    I will try to tune in to sessions as they happen.

  9. I have enjoyed all the speakers and have shared information and ideas from Daniel Amen, Sharon Begley and Marsha Lucas to help a client with performance panic. She told me only yesterday that she put the suggested strategies in to practice and feels that she has made a significant step toward being able to present information to a group with confidence.
    Thanks you for these great letures.