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  2. Thanks for sharing the article. This is more informative for us .very good article.

  3. Excellent shining a light on this side of healing. The whole mind-body approach makes sense. Thanks for the expertise and wisdom of the presenters.
    Remember to use these skills to not think during parts of the session. Be aware and use empathy to connect with the client. Mindfully use what the client is experiencing at the moment. if a certain trigger or emotion is bothering a client, that part is up and ready to be integrated.
    flexibility and giving the client a daily small practice routine benefits all.
    Thanks again for letting me, a one time C-PTSD sufferer to contribute and be part of this site.

    • A woman in China , age of 115 just died .. most of the men in my family, on my daddy’s’ side , live to well over 100 . My fhetar will be turning 79 this year, he is in better health than men 1/2 his age .. no heart probs., no high cholesterol, etc . and many , many, many, years ago, during the OT times, there was NO chemical on or in their food . not to mention air pollution . yes, I am sure there were a lot of people who died at early ages and for reasons even known to kill mankind today . I could give my opinion about all that, but what good would it do ??? NONE .. go in peace .. God bless

    • Spirituality being hijacked?When we, as coigtinve beings, engage with literature we are entering into something like the ecclesiastical realm experienced by religious practitioners. We engage with Huckleberry Finn as he joins up with his companions on their nocturnal visit to the cave outside the village.The realm of literature is entered into by interacting with a written, spoken or imagined narrative. This sacred place may even be shared with a departed author.Without language this isn’t possible.Our languages haven’t been hijacked.Huckleberry’s epic journey is a flat out fabrication. It is a lie. We just don’t care.The revered ministry of Jesus is a flat out fabrication. It is a lie. Some of us just don’t care.When people deny the lie; what they are experiencing is religion.The motivations for creating religions (lying) are far ranging.What is being hijacked is the privacy of engaging with a story.Religion poisons literature (everything). Gospel according to C.H.

    • thank you suki i’ve thought about plciang them on top of simple wooden frames to give the sense that they are like those birch board panels they will find a way onto the wall the simpler the better:)thank you jeannie! xolove j

  4. Thanks Ruth for your great work, look forward to the next addition to this arena of sprituality and healing of ones self.. You may like to interview , others in the field of understanding of Karma, past lifes, astrological influences and born innate gifts of expression etc….. This help to understand another level of our existence too. Blessings for continued shared understandings.

  5. This has been an important series- especially through acknowledgment of quantum physics, a grounded awareness of …Spirituaity, Being Present, and the primacy of the I-Thou Relationship – while lessening the mechanistic and/or stigmatization of mental struggles inherent in some psychological models.
    I wish to recommend GUY FINLEY’S groundbreaking works ti those interested. Here is one excerpt
    from one work. cited at the end. (Also recommend his others. including The Secret of Letting Go)
    “There are certain invisible laws in this world of ours, one of them being that everything passes, no exceptions. And when we invest our sense of self in that which passes and then that thing, possession, person changes, we feel first a fear and then a corresponding sense of loss because we have mistaken its life for our own. Suffering follows.
    We are all asked to give ourselves to God’s Life (Source ) and in exchange He will give us His Life. Our task is to find out what it means to be a part of this rebirth… which we cannot do as long as we unconsciously give ourselves over to the punishing thoughts and feelings surrounding our pain.
    While you do what you must to go forward with your daily life, let go of everything else in thought that tries to drag you down. This you can do with inner watchfulness. will dry on you and harden your he
    All conscious self-healing is painful, but proves its purpose. ALL running from ourselves — lamenting our situation instead of dying to the self that got us into it — is not only painful, but can never do anything but forward its own darkened purpose, which is to ensure we remain unseeing and in suffering.
    You must make the choice: do you begin the work of letting go and consciously suffering the death of who you have been up until now?If we are willing to learn from what happens to us, then we must release our resistance to the event and be willing to bear the vision before us as only it can teach us.
    When the pain threatens to overwhelm you, ask yourself the following question at the moment you can remember yourself to do so: Is this self that I am presently experiencing the me that I want to be? Or: Is this suffering self how I want to know myself? And then. just come as awake as you can. to the realization that you are not who you want to be at that moment, but that something foreign to your True Nature has imposed itself on you and taken over your life. Then, once having done this, do nothing else except realize that while you may be temporarily powerless to stop the lower state from possessing you, you are empowered to recognize the negative state as an intruder. This conscious awareness of your true pained condition is what it means to put the light on your suffering. That is your job.
    The Light will do its part if you will do your part. Suffer in silence, retire often into the interior closet of your love for God, and give yourself to whatever guidance you then receive. Persist until you are free!
    Excerpted from “Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom”, by Guy Finley Pages 96-101.

    • Apologies for trancription error above in excerpt from Guy Finley’s “Seeker’s Guide to Self Freedom”.
      Correction: Following the sentence ending with “inner watchfulness”. Wording for the next sentence should be : “This density; or “mud” will dry and harden your heart.”

  6. I really appreciate your putting the ideas and vibrations of spiritual healing and spirituality out to so many people. I am a student healer and medium with an approximation 35 years of study and work in the field of spiritual healing, and using the gifts of spirit in service to those around me. Anything that can be done to introduce more people to the world of energy medicine is a true help to mankind in general.
    Love and light to all who have taken part in your groups and sessions. It helps all of us in all aspects.

  7. I am filled with gratitude for this series and for all who participated. So many powerful ideas were shared, including many that are especially close to my heart, such as the idea of Elderhood as a sacred time of BEing (Ram Dass), and Dr. Dossey’s intriguing “non-local healing, non-local mind” concept. The talk-backs with Dr. Joan Borysenko and Bill O’Hanlon were extremely useful in translating amazing ideas into practical tools for personal and professional practice. Thank you for this opportunity to continue to learn and grow with a global community of like-minded folks.

  8. It was the best series possible with the best people and Ruth is also one of the best. Her attitude and questions are poignant and clear. Spirituality is health and it is our business so let’s learn the views and insights to make it all we are. This saves our bodies too. So body speech and mind all come together clearly in this series and the daily series of life.
    Thank You Ruth and all your guest healers.
    Love, and Health,