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  1. Great blog post, this is nearly exactly what I posted about the other day. Keep up the good work.

  2. It’s very easy to take on other peoples problems as your own. What I mean is… it’s very easy to try and help other people deal with their issues, however you can’t always be able to help everyone. The best thing you can do for him is let him deal with his own issues and be there for him if he needs someone to talk to. If he thinks that he is stupid and has no future and he wants to be a bum…. then maybe he should get a taste of that life to set him straight. He will find through his own trials and errors that lifestyle is not very glamorous. There is no need for you to set yourself into a panic for things that are out of your control. You can pray for him and hope that he opens his eyes and sees that his choices are not in his best interest. We are unable to change people, but the best thing we can do is try to live our own lives and set a good example and hope for others to follow. You are a very strong woman and you have been through a lot. Keep your head up and all this will work itself out.

  3. More about the beer in “Cervesangria:”
    Miller High Life bottles at 12 for 7.99 is every bit the equivalent for the “cervesa mas fina,” Corona, which costs (due to advertising costs) twice as much, and it comes in the same clear bottles suitable for lime insertion on the end. If you need an adman’s slogan, transate “cervesas mas fina” as “dat’s good beer!”
    Also Miller’s six-pack of large cans of High Life, nearly twice the size of the bottles, is the best value in canned beers out there, including the lowest-priced bargain brands, because somehow they’ve figured out, Miller Brewing has, how to keep the bitter can taste out of the beer, and the last sip is as smooth as the first; thus it’s usefulness in my iced smoothie concoction.
    Obviously there are better beers, like the German ones– Spaten, for example– but for everyday American Pilsners on a football Sunday, my recommendation is valid
    Mike M., Cervesa Scientist, self-appointed, at work in research in the beer aisle.

  4. Cervesangria: one more thing.
    Miller also makes an ultralite 55-calorie beer (which is largely the same beer with more water and less beer) and instead of selling it for 7.99 for 12 — it goes for 13.99!! (It gets heavily advertised.) I can add the crushed ice, ginger and lemon myself to lighten–or ultralighten– it, and save half the price. Also there are lemonades with less sugar and more fruit. -Mike M

  5. Dear Dr. Ruth B.,
    First of all, call me a stick in the mud, a conservative, and old school as a smoothie guy! But a smoothie has berries, nonfat yogurt, and a frozen banana. (The frozen tubular fruit replaces the need for cubes — smooooth, no?)
    These radical new-fangled smoothies of spinach leaves, yams, green tea and cubes — eeyuk! — are not smoothies. More like roughies! (Due to all the fibrous dark green and dark orange nutrient-dense vedge.)
    Now I have the ultimate smooooothie confection for late in the weekend.
    I invented it only today during Sunday football. It is based on two ideas:
    The idea of shandy made with beer.
    Also the idea of sangria made with red wine.
    I call it CERVESANGRIA (Cervesa+Sangria);i.e., it’s a beer-based “sangria.”
    Ingredients to assemble:
    1. A lot of ice cubes, crushed in a blender
    2. Inexpensive Miller High Life Beer (7.99 for 12)
    3. Inexpensive Diet Ginger Ale (.99 for 2L)
    4. Inexpensive Turkey Hill Pomegranate Lemondade (1.99 for .5 gal)
    (A berry flavored lemonade might also be good)
    5.Chiiled glasses.
    Function of ingredients:
    The idea of ice, lemon and ginger is to lighten and smoooth out the alcohol; while pomegranate (or berries) gives the concoction a dark and tart sangria punch quality.
    Thus Cervesangria! [pronounced Ser -BAY- San Gree- A.] It also adds to our vocab.

  6. Love smoothies and angel cards! You give me a new idea for a new ritual with my juicing or smoothies. For my favorite smoothie I fill my Vitamix clone with spinach, throw in fresh pineapple and one or two bananas. My favorite green juice is Green Lemonade: I juice one bunch of kale, one head of romaine, 1-2 lemons, 1-2 inches of raw ginger root and 2 Fuji apples. It’s great – quite tart! (The apples are the sweetener)

  7. I have been sharing angel cards with my colleagues. It’s become abit of a routine whereby we pick a new angel card in the morning and share how it might apply or how the one from yesterday fit.

    • Theer’s nothing like the relief of finding what you’re looking for.