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  1. Thank you , thank you. I’ll. buy Dr. Hansens’ book, it moves so fast it’s hard to take notes and retain the material. I vote for leaving the webinar posted so I can review it ——–please.
    Ruth your great, thanks.

  2. Thank you, Rick Hanson, for providing me (+ all of us) with the strategies to hardwiring happiness. Your “HEAL” acronym really works for me and I’ve already applied it successfully today. Alleluia!
    Your simple explanation of the lizard-mouse-monkey brain was very impressive and also user-friendly!
    I’ll most definitely read your book on hardwiring happiness, so that I can learn more how to apply the “HEAL” acronym each day of my life & continue to practice gratitude each day, with my am hymn “Give Thanks”, other prayers of gratitude as well as gratitude to specific people in my life.
    I agree with one of the comments that times aren’t always good (the done wrongs and the do wrongs of life) but, if one nurtures the mind, there is a good chance for being resilient and bouncing back and also experiencing genuine joy.
    Keep up your good work, Rick.
    With love and gratitude,

  3. Yes Bonnie, I am inclined to agree with you that the times the webinars are offered are not always possible to watch, therefore the 24 hours would be so appreciated to be able to do so.

  4. Practice being alert, expecting something good. Notice it when it happens…not letting it slide off on the “Teflon”…holding it, feeling it, reinforcing it. Keep practicing.

  5. Please post Rick Hanson again. It is impossible for me to tune in @ the time, nor is it possible for me to buy it. Please leave the webinars up for 24 hrs.. This is quite common even when said webinars are also offered for sale. Thank you. Sincerely, Bonnie

  6. So interesting, enjoyable and fascinating. It is so easy to get into negative mode, I love the tools and
    thank you for making these talks available to us.
    I have a very dear friend right now who has suffered a brain trauma very recently and is in a coma in hospital, I am hoping to understand more about the human brain and hoping fervently that she will make a full recovery.

  7. I truly enjoyed Dr. Rick Hanson; How appropriate his topic as he is such a happy looking person himself, and so convincing! I had difficulty trying to get his best ideas down on paper, as the talk went so fast, & trying to listen & write, yet so worthwhile, I have a couple of pages to help me remember his H.E.A.L. actions to use & apply & teach to those I know in indeed of using that to rid themselves of all the negative thinking, unable to see any rosy side to their lives. So sad, & if I am happy, which I am, they decide my life must be so much easier than theirs. Not so!
    In fact I’m pleased with myself for taking the time to listen to the talks! He did recommend praising oneself for a satisfying accomplishment! lol

  8. I love the idea of consciously changing the tendency to kick in my Human Brain instead of my Reptilian one! I plan to use the idea of picking 4 Roses everyday (4 positive moments in a day ) and really honing in on them together at dinner and bed time. Think we miss out all those good moments like when I decided not to shoot down my spouses’s silly idea and just listened! Peace and Love 🙂

  9. Rick Hanson has a wonderful way of simplifying information that can be very complicated, and helping us to share it with the important people in our lives. You, Ruth, have organized these webinars to be tight and focused – thank you for making them available to us. I am grateful (and I am enriching and absorbing that experience at this very moment)!
    Regards, Deri

  10. Simplifying the brain is not an easy task, and Rick Hansen most assuredly accomplished this. This webinar was both validating and assuring. Thank you Ruth for offering this series on the brain. It is so important to bring this knowledge to those who invest in the help profession.

  11. What I really want to take from Rick Hanson’s conversation is the wonderful (almost common sensical) idea of seeing things afresh: as though through the eyes of a child. I can see therapists asking their clients to imagine experiencing the skill they are trying to develop as though for first time (even though many clients will have made attempts at speaking up for themselves or stating their needs) to re-experience that first time.

  12. I really enjoyed last night’s discussion. What I plan to practice for the next 21days is….every time I am overcome with a stressful or worrying thought/feeling I intend to visualise the desired outcome immediately and bring in a positive feeling..I tried this this morning when we had a stressful start in the house and it rreally worked for me. Thanks again. Berni