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  1. Really heart touching story.For many people just of a little cause or problem everything is finished in life.
    Yes it all depends on the vision and the will power to get defeated or to overcome
    such sitaution in life.
    So we can conclude that,”Miracles do happen in life only when the human spirit
    takes it up”.
    Thank you

    • Ah yes, nicely put, evoneyre.

  2. What an inspirational Story. I believe that when tragedy’s occur it can be a place to see the hearts of who are alive. When people come together to meet as one to pick up the pieces amazing love and healing touch and and many many lives. These types of Stories should be shared and kept out in the open. I am sorry to about the souls which are lost. Unfortunately we cannot control the decisions people make that are opposite to their minds, and away from the heart. My condolences are to all who had lost their lives and to the families around them. I do look forward to seeing more peace and uniting in the world, I really believe it will happen. Kylie

  3. Ever watched the paralympic games?
    All amazing people !

  4. My thoughts go to all who were impacted by this senseless event.
    I watched Adrianne with her amazing robotic leg dancing on a TED Talk by Hugh Herr. It was the first time she had danced in public since the marathon. The robotics are certainly amazing, but they pale when you see the human element – the indelible human spirit that is required to dare to dream up and then create these modern technological miracles. The world really is amazing.

  5. 13-1/2 years ago my nerves went berserk, and I haven’t had a “normal” day since. After spending the ensuing decade plus looking everywhere for a way to be healed, four months ago I finally decided that I had to adjust to what had become, overnight, my new normal and find a way to make the best of it.
    I joined the local chapter of an international humanitarian organization; found an adaptive way to write stories for a small local newspaper about the positive things people are doing to help others; and am now realizing a long-time dream of running a booth at my local farmers’ market to benefit trafficked women in Central Asia. By getting my focus off of my physical challenges and looking around for opportunities to make a difference, I have recovered my sense of joy and wonder, and find myself much less negative, depressed and hopeless.
    Thanks for this outlet to share my new perspective on life!

    • You go, Kirby!! What a great story. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am happy for Adriane that she decided to be in live 100% again even terror.
    During Second World War a Russian pilot had loosen two legs and his dream had been to be able again to fly. He managed. The title of this book is “The story for true man” and it is absolutely valid for Adriane.
    Obviously 70 years are enough time to forget what the war is and we are directed to the new Nurnberg.
    In my own pathway I also prefer to see to obstacles as opportunities rather than as problems.

    • Thank u for remonding such a heart-touching story …the more so in Russia, the more so during the hard days of WWII. I still have the copy of the book in the Russian language and use this opportunity to tell the story to my kids.

  7. I have the utmost admiration for Adrianne and I understand how she was able to overcome that terrible injury. In 1997, I was hit by a car while I was riding my bike and my left ankle was 3/4 severed. The doctors were able to reattach my foot, so I didn’t need to have it amputated. However, I am missing the talus bone and my posterior artery. It turns out the doctors never thought I would walk unassisted again, but my inpatient physical therapist told me to think of myself like a baby learning to walk all over again. Today, I walk unassisted, I bicycle, and I dance. I can’t run or jump, but I can live without those two activities. I do wear a brace to help me walk correctly and to eliminate my chronic pain. All my ankle doctors and clients love my brace, because I had my two little granddaughters decorate it with stickers, so it’s pretty cool looking. I have some clients who are inspired to overcome their own obstacles when they hear how I’ve overcome mine.

  8. Adrianne story is really moving and inspiring. I found in myself determination, and readiness to
    take care of myself, listening to my inner wishing voice

  9. A wonderful story and inspiration for the psychological belief that your reality is defined with your choice of thoughts and actions. Congrats and Bless Her!
    Larry Wilcox

  10. Very inspiring. I am sure she had a very strong support group and a good foundation to help her through this life changing event.

  11. Such an admirable set of resources this Adrianne has- determination, focusing on new opportunities, youth, love of life, courage….She’s amazing.

  12. At 71 moving overseas and reinventing my life. I thought that a beautiful story, bravo to this young woman, it just shows that “being paralyzed” can be more of a mental thing than physical. I find these stories to be very inspiring. Makes us all want to be better people. Thank you for sharing.

  13. What helps me get through the obstacles are my mindfulness and meditation practice which give me empathy, equanimity and a more rational and clear head. And from the connection I experience with family, friends and my community I feel supported and vital. It takes a great deal of will on my part to do these things.

  14. At 70, just geting brain, body, consciousness and spirit rewired and ready for an ambitious engagemnet in life and society. To make this period of life as vital and contributive as the last. To maintain the essence of enthusiasm and to feed creative energies needed to overcome obstacles of ageing and infirmity.
    This article brought a high note as example and inspiration in adversity. Thank you, Ruth, for this and the other high notes you share.

  15. Don’t know that I’ve moved past my obstacles, but through EFT, I’m working on them. I definitely feel I’ve made some progress, with the help of a wonderful EFT practitioner and lots of homework.
    I’m 78 and God is good.

  16. Caring for others more than yourself is a great healer of the self. It is a wondrous and profound mechanism. Science can’t yet describe it, but it has been understood and practiced in many religions and cultures throughout history, but not ours. We are a self absorbed culture, we suffer from entitlement mentality. At my most darkest and tragic times…just a simple prayer (and I am speaking of the global definition of prayer) for the sake of others or assisting some one else in adversity…worked miracles. I wish I knew how to explain the mechanism, I wish more people believed in this incredible process of healing and overcoming adversity in their own lives. And I graciously and gratefully thank with all my heart to the teacher of Buddha Dharma that taught me this.

  17. Thank you Ruth. Reminders like this are so helpful. I use these examples with my clients for inspiration. Very helpful. Again, thank you.

  18. This is so inspiring, the human mind and body is a spiritual grace if we just tap into it.
    Thanks Ruth

  19. A wonderful story and an amazing achievement!

  20. Thanks Ruth, wonderful story of life. One of the challenges of life is to be motivated when every thing is going well, a state of “FLOW” where our mind, heart and desire dance to the rhythm which is the purpose of life.

    • Thanks Ruth,
      Life is so challenging but it is up to one to make determination of her/his future through coping with ups and downs of life.