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  1. Thich Nhat Hanh has so much wisdom to share on the topic of mindfulness. Sincerely love all of his mindful quotes and poems. Here are a few Thich Nhat Hanh quotes I think you’ll enjoy:

  2. For many years I have enjoyed the mindfulness bell, which has always been a free download and which is now available online…it is a very simple tool, but nice…

  3. I challenge many of my clients to the 10 in 10 on Headspace ( Andy Puddicombe makes it easy for the new mindfulness practitioner to dive right in.
    Also Mindfulness Meditation by Mental Workout…These are two great Apps!

  4. I enjoy the “3-minute retreat” from Loyola Press. you can get it in your mailbox everyday. it’s simple and short and draws me into deeper Peace. thanks for your suggestions, i’ll take a look at them.

  5. The Mindfulness App is a very nice app that introduces the user to mindfulness exercises nicely. It also has reminders and mindfulness notices. Available on AppStore

  6. Holosync is expensive……but it’s a fab way of easily training one’s brain into great states. Recommended. Have downloaded the gratitude app – seems like a fun way to remind one of all the many things to be grateful for. Thanks for the links, Ruth!

  7. Mexico city is a very large noisy and extended city with incredible traffic. On the other hand technology is here to stay. I think is ts a great idea to incorporate technology into our lifes in ways that build us stronger and help us with the search of our spirituality. The STILLNESS BUDDY will be a great relief and a good aid when stuck in traffic. The part that excites is to have a ” companion” that will remind me to take a mindfulness break tailored for my needs between patients, i am sure it will help with my private prActice.
    Thankyou for the pointers.

  8. Although this is not an app it has been helpful for me to become more aware and present. The Inner Bonding Institute (Dr. Margaret Paul) sells the MotivAider which you can set for almost any amount of time. It will vibrate for whatever times you need a reminder to be present. It’s under $75.00.

  9. Ruth, try Mindfulness Bell, which will ring as often as when you want to remind you to take a moment for mindfulness. Another favorite is Pzizz, which is a wonderful hypnotic app that helps you either sleep or will energize you, two different apps. Both have been great, the energizer is the best for a short nap, while the sleep version of Pzizz is a great help to get to a natural state of sleep.

  10. I have only been meditating for about a week using this model and technique I’ve been able to achieve a degree serenity and peacefulness. The process is very simple – achieving full benefits is a marathon and I need a lot more practice, but I am so pleased with the results, I look enjoy my sessions.and look forward to the future and how it will only improve my life!

  11. Great notice and look at the postive side. Thank you.

    • Yes, true, Trish! I’ve seen the hubs compliment sgranters for that very reason, to boost someone up, or maybe make their day, but it’s a mind shift to me to think about taking action after having a positive thought about someone and actually VOICE it. Feels good. Great that you are in practice! It’s good role modeling, too, for kids and adults.

    • it took me years to discover pancig. i had years of denying that i should change my behaviour. i had just had one baby who breastfed througt to the birth of the second, then breastfed her, 4 years of pregnancy and breastfreeding continuously .And sleeping poorly. During this time i caught several viruses, 5 in 5 years. i had no time to be sick. i was utterly shatterred, with aches, pains, fatigue, sleeplessness, and of course brain fog! i could not see any possibility beside working my arse of playing with and raising my children. for goodness sake, i was an earth mother, i lived for conscious parenting in an organic setting. i did not plan on settling for less than super mum, if i had known how very sick i was to become and how that robbed me of my life i would have taken it more seriously. i would have got a nanny to do all the grunt work and played with my kids on my bed. i would have RESTED! Instead I just pushed and crashed, fell apart emotionally. then got a little elevation n energy so begin again the push, crash, collapse in a crying heap on my bed again. it took way to long to understand that resting before you get tired is not just an expression of laziness.

  12. I encourage my clients to take periodic breaks to breathe, stretch, notice the good…..another good resource is This is a small California company owned by two women. They sell bracelets that gently buzz every 60 or 90 minutes to encourage the wearer to pause and be grateful, or breathe, or…..

  13. hi,
    i’m thrilled to know of these apps, but have another issue:
    i keep trying to read your 2009 posting on anger, but it keeps bringing me back to this page.
    i’ll check back here, but if it’s possible to email me any possible solution — or a copy of the posting, i’d appreciate it.
    thanks ….

  14. I find the Bio Breathing app really wonderful as well.

  15. I have been using an auto-responder gratitude journal myself. It comes as many times a day as I’d like. I immediately stop and focus on something for which I am grateful. The best part is, at the end of the week I get all of my postings sent back to me. The cost is very low for such a wonderful service!

  16. What a big help and will be putting these up on my web site for clients to use. Keep up the good work.

  17. Hello All,
    Technology can in some ways really impact mindfulness practice in a very positive way and bring it to people who otherwise may not be exposed to the benefits.
    We created an app call Mindful Meals for the iPhone to help individuals who struggle with emotional eating. It helps people eat mindfully and track their emotions as they eat.
    You can check it out here.
    Would love to know what you think and get feedback for making it better.

  18. I have been using the Insight Timer to ring randomly when I am with clients. Now they ask “Where is the bell?” if I forget to turn it on. The parents love it when it’s “time to take a breath”.

  19. I can recommend Naturespace and Pocket Pond as very relaxing. I’m looking at DeepRelax, but have not had the time to really appreciate it
    Health and fair winds,

    • The paragon of unisaetrnddng these issues is right here!

  20. Thank you Ruth, as ever. A portable, voluntary timer with a singing bowl sounds good…
    For more EMF safety while being “closer”, if unavoidable, to phones/computers for this purpose (or any other): sells airtube headphones + a tiny box that clips on your own portable ear wires, other things with info; has many tips + thoughtful research; and is a beautiful, fun + endearing source of thoughts + products to use to be in harmony with Nature, technology, Earth changes, and all…HIGHLY recommended! Love to hear if anyone has tried them.

  21. An app called get some headspace is a nice simple introduction to mindfulness
    I often recommend it to my patients and use it myself.

  22. Deepak Chopra does a free 21 day meditation program each season…each session goes for about 20min. I have done them all and believe if more people did the summer 2011 sessions we could change the planet. I am one of those many that up until this had a great deal of difficulty quieting my mind during meditation. These programs have changed that and I can now get to the gap anytime I want to without the use of the program.

  23. The goal of mindfulness is to reach a state where distraction, thoughts and emotions, fade.  A no thought stage where we are still aware but below the ego (Cognitive).  A concrete, simple model for the us to practice slowing the mind down and letting to of thought.  That is all we are after.
    Amazingly though, this skill is meditating and can be developed and deepened for the rest of you life.

    Can you accomplish this with a simple concrete model Eliminating 99% of the complexity, abstract mess and difficulty.  You do not have to be an accomplished meditator to heal.

    You apply this at each trigger as it explodes.  If a client can stay present when cortisol and adrenal stress explodes, all symptoms start to lose power.
    A client with the confidence to stay present and not dissociate will gain confidence and a stabling of the nervous system.
    My model lets a novice activate their parasympathetic nervous system, absorbing cortisol and calming us.  Give a client a tool to face his/her fears and life changes with daily action.
    It is much simpler than and easier to heal this way.  A therapist can now influence a client and fine tune their own healing.

  24. My Breathing track model does so much more so much quicker for free.  this model brings two more senses to our focus.  it also incorporates a three dimensional ability to follow the breath with eyes open tracking the breath.
    You can accomplish things that took me years in a few months.  it is portable as the model is habit for the mind.
    Here is a post on the breathing tack.
    My Breathing track model does so much more so much quicker for free.  this model brings two more senses to our focus.  it also incorporates a three dimensional ability to follow the breath with eyes open tracking the breath.
    You can accomplish things that took me years in a few months.  it is portable as the model is habit for the mind.
    Here is a post on the breathing tack.
    The goal is to reach emptiness while being aware.
    This model e
    Imitates so much that confuses everyone.
    Describe to someone, a novice how to meditate online.
    That is what the breathing track does. You can use mindfulness by copying a model and starting on your own.
    Please name me another model that can do that. MIT is concrete simple and immediate exactly what moves the mind and body when cortisol and fear explode.
    It must be that you can not make a bunch of money off this because it works.

    • Hi I found your site by mistake when i was sehaircng Google for this issue, I have to say your site is really helpful I also love the theme, its amazing!. I dont have that much time to read all your post at the moment but I have bookmarked it and also add your RSS feeds. I will be back in a day or two. thanks for a great site.

    • HUH? How old are you two? What David is going through, and enpiessrxg, is the norm nowadays. Nothing sad about it. They tried, had a kid, and it didn’t work out He is going through it at a more advanced aged than most of us, but what he is feeling, and writing, is not sad, or anything that almost every man, I know has gone through, and experienced. He is right on schedule with his emotions and feelings about his ex wife, and daughter, right now. If he has friends, and had asked, that are divorced, they could have explained to him exactly how the post divorce emotional rollercoaster rolls. I almost feel sorry that he is an advice giver , so may feel hesitant to ASK for guidance, when he might need it. Trouble is, many guys give up, move on with a new woman and new children of hers, or with her, and eventually neglect the old family, and their old family . This is more common than not, so I made a promise to myself to never fall into that easy way out , and proudly proclaim, I never did, as my kids are now almost adults, and on their on. I have always been there for them, all these years Whatever they needed.