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  1. If you check out the “bible” DSM IV and specifically the definition of narcissism- this is why we are exhausted. We felt the incessant drain and our senses were bombarded with the constant rhetoric of the narcissistic EGO. Don’t like what you see out “There”- change in “Here”. This means our own induced beliefs science calls Epigenetics.
    We are all mirrors of each other. Frankly as much as I love and rely on Mindfulness meditation personally… trying to influence someone who fits the DSM profile to use it is a challenge. In my career I have met many who believe Darwin’s theory of Survival of the fittest. This is a reflex many reach for be it stock broker or gang broker to justify domination. Try and get either to go into the void to find dominion. I have worked with both groups.
    What does work is getting to the bare bones – beliefs formed 0- to 13 – Bruce Lipton of Biology of Belief fame says 6 but the teen is the awfullizer in us. Brain research holds a lot of answers: Mark Waldman – Daniel Amen – Andrew Newberg – Daniel Goleman and so many others offer this. This is left brain talk that frees the right brain to consider EMPATHY in making choices and impact. In making decisions what impact will these choices have upon community. The idea is to resurrect conscience.

  2. Are there replays of the frees sessions offered on Wednesday? The time of presentation is not available to me and I’m so sorry to have to miss them.
    Many thanks,

  3. I practice heart breathing (HeartMath) in my minute meds and focus on “the better world our HEARTS KNOW is possible…” (C. Eisenstein). Easy do and easy to share.

  4. In reference to the election, this is from someone in my octogenarian writer’s group…….
    Exhaustipated !!
    Here is a new word to add to your vocabulary.
    It will be especially useful to we senior folk !!

  5. Hi Ruth
    I am so grateful for al the series your intitute is offering. I loved the title of your article. I am also grateful for mindfulness ,otherwise I will need a detox intervention to get over this political hangover. Continue the wonderful work. Stay present. Namaste
    Aida Ramos

    • I apapceirte you taking to time to contribute That’s very helpful.

  6. As an Australian, I didn’t receive all the adds, however I’m still high about the result – the rest of the world were voting for Obama. So my MQ (Mindfulness Quotient – just made that up), is a little lower as I’m allowing myself to stay high.
    Gold Series is a great investment – all that wisdom from people who are centered and authentic and one can touch bases with them, not just their writings.