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  1. Hi Danithanks for your message and that is ftitasanc to hear you are going to take it into schools! You have made my day. The online course goes live on 21st October 2012. I’ll add your name and details to the mailing list.

  2. I signed up and paid for Gold membership and I cannot access the lecture. Two previous emails are unanswered

  3. How can I charge this to my credit card, but give it as a gift to someone else?

  4. The time needed to impact life depends on what kind of mindfulness model you choose. I have seen individuals impact PTSD or depression in a month of daily work.
    The trick is teaching how to apply mindfulness with every trigger thought or strong negative emotion. being aware and staying present is key.
    The goal of mimdfulness is to reach a no thought stage with awareness crystal clear. If you can build focus on the breath so emotions and thoughts clear, that is the landscape of the mind without thought, healing happens quickly. repeated application as triggers enter our consciousness trains the mind to function with a clear landscape.

    • I agree whole heartedly with your comments. To me meditation helps with staying the the “Here and Now.” And what ever is going on. And as you say it allows us to consider but not become attached to inner consciousness as it pops up. The method is called RAIN Recognize = R, Accept = A, Investigate = I and N = Non-attach. Over the last several years I have been able to not only recognize and investigate I have chosen Freud’s mode of Id , Ego, and Super Ego as places to put the items. this is helping me learn more about myself without getting stressed.