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  1. Ohhh ! very helpful for keep the mind straight and constant, I really appreciate this tricks which is associated with the meditation how to find internet explorer in windows 10. When I search how I can keep my mind calm and cool then this article provide me various type of the helping points.

  2. This reminds me of when I styaed a couple nights with my penpal Doris in Germany. She had about 20 birds in a huge cage and I never knew what birdsong really was until those 2 mornings boy those little critters are glad to be alive in the a. of. m. And get you up and out of bed early! Their singing was absolutley joyful.xoox[]

  3. mindfulness or awareness practice, as you can see, is the opposite of multi tasking. Most multi tasking cuts efficiency down by a third. being mindful is being present, aware not juggling three Ot even two cognitive tasks.
    We have to multitask at work at times but on our own awareness leads to happiness.
    Multitasking does Not lead to joy or happiness.
    mindfulness is one practice that can lead to joy and happiness. Cognitive dissection of life or cognitive thinking does not lead to happiness for me. Nothing is permanent about achievement, house, career, power, possessions can be a handicap finding happiness.
    What or where is happiness? Not in what we do for a living Or in the intellect.
    Filthy rich athletes commit suicide. Attaining something valuable present us with the issue of guarding or protecting things.
    We are not what we do or what people say about us, or even our thoughts. Our true self is a million miles away from these things.
    What desire that we fulfill lasts? Food or sex lasts only hours at the most. Where is happiness, the lack of mental disorders,. No
    In the small moments when we are without thought when bursts of joy explode for us.

    • ane ban. umbalata theern nadda me paparasiya boru karanne kiyala. oya conseversation eka gothapu ekak. papa hari news daapan boru karan nathuwa. ubath hariyata lankawe JATHIKA thalaye madya wage, dan dan boruma thamai kiyanne.