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  1. I’ve almost total lack of self worth the core cause is birth trauma.All the primordial rage against myself and- against those closes to me particularly my dearest wife.Only after reading most of these comments have I realized that I’m not NOW a shunned,rejected,despised totally helpless dependent new born baby but in reality-looking in the mirror or in my minds eye I am a fully grown adult male-husband father grandpa.
    Thank you

  2. This is really good stuff. Thank you. C x

  3. I am regularly reminded, as I was when watching this video, of things I have known and forget….often!
    As a mindfulness based Depression Coach, it is a part of my work with people, as well as myself, to emphasize the “practice” of mindfulness: that this is a life long process…..healing and becoming whole. But for some reason, I was struck by his use of the word “training” in the context of working with our issues. It’s a simple thing….one word….but it just “landed” in the right place in me today and I want to use that word, and analogy, more often with people. Somehow it conveyed more of the idea of building on strengths. Thank you for sharing!

    • I agree…”Training” is a beautiful reframe.

  4. Thank you very much Ruth for sharing this highly beneficial video. I learned that using mindfulness and empathy helped me to stop being so self critical as my thoughts were directed away from looking down on myself towards always thinking how I could help other people. Seeing happiness and hearing gratitude from others increased my self worth. Instead of feeling low because of disability and thinking that people always looked down on me, I realised that I still had some value which I will keep using through mindfulness and empathy.