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  2. I have been using Cumerone ( the active extract of Tumeric) in my clinic for several years. It most definitely reduces inflammation and painful joints. My elderly clients who take it all seem energetic, happy and very engaged in life. I use a herbal extract that is in a non alcohol base. It is interesting to see the additional research on the effect of Tumeric on the brain.

  3. Thanks for this. I find that even when based on good science, nutritional information is hard to use when it doesn’t include recommended or therapeutic dosages or amounts.

  4. I have been eating curried meats several times a week. I do know of the health benefits, but yes, thanks for sharing.

  5. What is the french word of
    ‘curry’ ‘tumeric’
    and in what food do you find ‘gluten’?

    • Curry= curry (melanges d’épices: origine indienne : cumin,coriandre, curcuma, clou de girofle,cardamome, cannelle, anis, gingembre, poivre), turmeric= le curcuma.
      Et gluten dans le blé, l’orge, l’avoine et le seigle.

  6. From everything I’ve been reading and experiencing first hand, people of northern European or Asian ancestry sold not eat gluten. It appears that it causes an inflammatory problem many places in the body and the brain is no exception. It its a complicated pr ocess but it makes sense and beyond that, it can cause mental conditions resembling depression, schizophrenia etc. I personally found that once I got of gluten my ability to think was enhanced. Worth checking into if you have, or have a client with a “beer belly” or they look six months pregnant but are not.

  7. I appreciate of NICABM who provides me of many practical and evidence based research results and lectures in free (sometimes it costs much ^ ^).
    I would like to share some informations which I learned through my own experiences.
    My husband had accident and severe brain damage at his age of 62.
    He had been in coma for 1 month and his medical doctor said he had no hope.
    He was recovered from the coma but he lost all the cognitive functions including language knowledge and recognition of persons, directions and his own emotional conditions.
    I dared to bring him back to home from hospital.
    He showed marvelous progress in his brain condition right after he returned home.
    I realized that “HOME” is the best place for healing.
    Laughing and smile with family, home-made diet (Korean foods), worship with signing and prayer, and gardening…
    The best was taking care of grandchild.
    Now my husband is healthy enough to be a one of mentors in doctor degree dissertation.

  8. Yes, tumeric is great for a number of healthful effects. Also noted for reducing joint pain from RA. The easiest way I have found to take it is by capsule–I use 2 a day and notice good pain reduction. Coconut oil has recently been praised for helping brain function and reducing Alzheimer’s risk.This can also be used in capsule form but I like a teaspoon full in my morning tea.

    • Interesting, I do have both most days in the food I cook for myself and family:).

  9. Any suggestions for delicious recipies/smoothies using curry? Is there a preferred source for curry for freshness? Thanks for your input!

    • Hello Annette,
      here,s my recipe for getting turmeric into me. I have a cup of turmeric tea first thing in the morning before I go jogging. It’s not pungent-hot and does not taste bad at all. How?
      I stir a level teaspon of turmeric powder into a cup of warm to mildly hot water and drink the “tea” in slow sips.
      Pushing 80 now, I hope to be having my turmeric tea when I am a hundred.
      Go try it.

      • How much turmeric do you use? I also started using a curry and turmeric salad dressing on my (almost) daily salad. I use about a half tsp of each, with the oil of my choice (generally olive oil or more recently coconut oil – as I heard it was also good for your brain) and some vinegar. It tastes pretty good, and the arthritis in my ankles has improved immensely since I began this. I started taking this due to the anti-inflammation effects of the turmeric and curry.

    • I add tumeric as well as other spices and nuts to a green smoothie that I drink every day.
      For the recipe just look up recipes section of my website

  10. The new brain science research influences my work and healing potential for clients. It is exciting to learn more and more that we can use ‘kitchen pharm’ to reduce the possibility of the scourge of the diseases prevalent today. Just shifting perspective enough and taking the action can make a world of difference. Thank you …

  11. One way to keep the rain healthy is to limit the amount of carbohyddrates one eats. I was diagnosed
    49 years ago with hypoglycemia. I learnd much about nutrition an d the brain from the doctor that I was seeing. I was in nurses training at the time. that began a life long study of the effect food and proper nutrition has on the brain. I also began to study the effects of certain chemical substances on the brain and how thy can affect our actions. I have had many wonderful teachers.
    I watch my coworkers–doctors, nurses, technitians and their diets— coffee, coffee, coffee, diet drinks, sweets and I can see their actions are not always the best–ideas scattered etc.
    Fresh fruits and vegetables, live food, minimal or NO processed foods, organic only and no GMOs will produce a healthy rain. And one more important ingredient–Water. Most people in the U.S. have access tofresh pure water and they don’t drink it. I have worked with the elderly and know that proper hydration works miracles on confusion and befudlement. Water is a life giving brain food.
    Thank you for asking for comments, jessica Emerson