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  2. I am a pioneer in the fitness industry, started in 1979. I have blended Somatic Experiencing training (Peter Levine) with my fitness background and I personal train and lecture. I have worked with many populations including combat veterans with ptsd. I made a board filled with information on the brain wave patterns and teach how to identify where they are (awareness) and how the electrical pattern works. It has taken personal training to a whole new level as mindfulness is included in the whole workout . They understand the difference between feeling receptive or resistive and how the physical, mental, emotional, spirit must work in harmony to keep the whole system in balance. The muscles tighten up when the brain wave is fed with adrenalin and this leads to out of balance and coordination. We do this on all exercise equipment and at the end they leave the gym in a very relaxed state.

    • Hi Chris!
      I found your paragraph very interesting! Was not familiar with Peter Levine’s work until now. I am completing a doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) in Integrative Health and Healing. I am a retired military nurse with a masters in psychology and when finished with my DNP program plan to work with Veterans and their families. Your combination of professional fitness training and interest in Dr. Levine’s work sounds promising. Would love to get more information on your program with combat vets and would like to know about your successes with this population.
      Kathy Steele

  3. Yesterday lecture was good, but I could not hear it well, it was stopped many times and it was an interrupted conversation difficult to follow.
    Anyway, I am interested in mindfulness a lot, as a yoga teacher and for my wellbeing.