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  1. see me. Nothing but bad stuff starts rnnniug through my brain and butterflies hit. Never was it a bad situation though. Always just letting me know something.

  2. Hi,
    I am so pleased to be in such good company and in so many places. There will be good people to connect with.
    Do we have any thoughts on synesthesia?

    • I am hoping to get my Healthcare Reimbursement ceciaftrite so my interaction with patients would be very different from a CMA, but I think I would like to work in a Chiropractors office. I have back issues and know first hand how much of an improvement I feel after one adjustment. To be part of a team, where you were able to help someone, in a fairly short period of time, seems like it would also be very rewarding.

    • As I read Connie K’s comment I thought about how much I have learned from each of the books I’ve been introduced to via their authors who have been presenters on NICABM’s series’ these last years. And how much my brain has changed and is still changing.
      As one who was diagnosed with complex pts many years ago after living with the pts since early childhood and heard at the time the best and saddest news….you won’t die of this, but you will contine to live in pain and we have no answers for you about healing, I know what this healing has meant to me and how real it is.
      If you cannot afford a therapist just now or a training, you might try buying one or more of the books you heard about from the speaker(s) who touched your heart and mind. And then another…and another.
      It was prayer that I turned to when I wasn’t reading and learning and it sounds as tho’ you already have that part down! Blessings and many good wishes for a healthier brain and a joyfilled life, from a former statistic. Let’s make some new stats about healing and great old ages!

  3. I am wishing I could afford the training. I would love to know if it will work on my brain right now. It is a lifetime of daily struggles and work to move beyond being a statistic.
    Thank you for the snippets. It brings hope.

  4. I have had epilepsy for 38 years, my seizures start in my left temporal lobe and sometimes they may continue in the right one and sometimes not. My epilepsy is of difficult control.
    I would like to know if the EFT program , meditation or accupuncture or any other holistic alternative can help me to heal (not to control but really to heal) my problem or are they worthless?
    2. Is operation the only way to get cured?
    3. Which is the percentage I can be completely cured?
    This is very important for me becuase the National Institute of Neurology and Neurocirjurie (INNN) have told they can operate me, but first of all I have to know if there are any other alternatives that could really help me.
    Angeles Escobar

  5. After all these sessions I would not like to suspect that the purpose of it all was to leave the impression that the most important thing in the human being is their BRAIN. It would be unscientific and totally unacceptable. In order not to be so one-sided, I hope that in the near future there will be other series which will focus on something else, equally important for the MAN, even from a psychological point of view, such as for instance: HEART, CONSCIENCE, NUTRITION, PREVENTION OF DISEASES, etc. Only then will we obtain a “more complete” picture, which will not be biased. After all, the human being must be seen in their totality. Compartmentalization of sciences facilitates a research and explanations but serves only academic purposes. At the end of the day what is at stake is our life – it will decide whether scientific conclusions presented are valid or not.

  6. I found the program very illuminating and have purchased a couple of the books I had not already read. I am a long time fan of Dr. Amen’s research and combine his understanding of the brain with Dr. Braverman’s work on neurotransmitters in our neruofeedback training.
    Diet is very important and we are getting good results balancing brain function by using the paleo diet, something you might want to look into in the future. Also what I find most exciting is the relatively new research on reconsolidation of memory and its implication for emotional healing and permanent change. You might want to explore Coherence Therapy in future programs as they have fully implemented this understanding in their therputic approach.
    Again nicely done, thank you.

  7. A recent AHA! moment occurred for me as I realize that I am INSTILLING MORE HOPE in my clients when I use the information to inform my clients about what is actually happening in their brains during and between our sessions! Sometimes the work seems slow to them… as if nothing is changing… and their hope for themselves is diminished. But when I tell them that when we revisit the “same old issues,” we are “activating” portions of their brains that then become more malleable, more “plastic.” As they begin to look at the old issues in new ways, the structure of their brains is changing. Between sessions they can practice incorporating the changes and their brains will consolidate these new ways of seeing their old issues. Things ARE changing… having hope about this encourages them to practice more frequently these new ways of seeing their old issues. Many thanks for these wonderful interviews!