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  1. Shue Ha, ME, USA says

    Thank you Dr. McGonigal. It is a very nice parallel. Stretching your body. And stretching your comfort zone. Both can be painful, and at the end the sense of pleasure and comfort can be motivating.

  2. Nazir Hussain, Psychotherapy, CA says

    Very innovative and solid approach

  3. Dan Brule, Health Education, West Palm Beach, FL, USA says

    I would love to see you drill down on how breathwork can enhance and accelerate and deepen the healing and recovery process. And I am more than willing to help you with that. I am a pioneer and leading expert and authority on Breathwork having personally trained over 250,000 people in more than 65 countries. I have 50 years of study and practice in what is now the leading trend in wellness globally. My book Just Breathe is an international best seller… i am Tony Robbins’ personal breathing coach, the founder of the International Center For Breathwork and the originator of Breath Therapy.

  4. Jude Bl, Psychotherapy, Gunbarrel, CO, USA says

    Other schools of yoga teaching ask us to note and respect the limitation felt a the start of the stretch. Pause there, back off to the point just before. Stay at that “limit” until the body itself settles into ease there. Extend then just a bit further till the next response signals its limit. Body/Mind allies working differently, not “Out of my way. I’m not gonna be anxious” enforcer.

  5. Eileen Hanaphy, Counseling, IE says

    Using Tara Brach’s RAIN / or Tony de Mello’ s nodding ones head and saying ‘yes’- to this moment’what we accept transforms what we resist persist’.
    Using Dr Low’s Recovery Inc CBT ‘spots’
    Courage and confidence come from doing the things we fear and hate to do ‘having the will to bear discomfort
    Nervous fear is the fear of sensations
    We do things to get better , don’t wait to get better to do things
    Taking things in part acts with endorsements
    NLP techniques like anchoring positive resources
    Having a sense of humour
    Reminding clients anxiety is a messenger
    And thought come and go feeling rise and fall if we let them
    Also Clare Weekes
    Listening to Jack Kornfield ‘s podcasts – we are hardwired in our DNA to cope
    Finally Eckhart Tolle ‘s power of now awareness
    Kristen Neff self compassion
    And Dan Siegel’s wheel of life meditation

  6. malgosia plejewska, Other, AU says

    Gosh…. Hard to use this analogy for those, whose experience in yoga never involved any pain or struggle in the body 🙏🏻 In my case due to an authentic mature teacher who taught equal, meditative attention to all eight limbs of yoga, definitely without pushing the body….
    Another example may be helpful 🙏🏻💜

  7. Anonymous says

    Thank you for sharing. I really like this reframing🙂