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  1. Catherine Hardy, Counseling, CA says

    New apps such as petit bouddha as also fantastic for children!

  2. Alla says

    Your article was exlleecnt and erudite.

  3. Christal Maass says

    always a big enthusiast of linking to blog writers that i adore however don’t get a lot of hyperlink really like through.

  4. Ros Nelson says

    Just viewed the Linda Sheehan mentions above. Dont know if we have anything like that here in schools in Australia? Heart warming to see so many confident children articulate the benefits they have experienced using Mindfulness, Absolutely wonderful!
    Also liked that some of the Mindfulness exercises could be downloaded to an ipod – handy option for many kids to have at hand. Ros

  5. Mary Hess, Ph.D. Oconomowoc WI says

    These books are a great help. I supervise therapists and consult with schools in my area and mindfulness has been a great success. One of the main responses I received is that when a stressed child comes into school in the morning a few minutes of mindful meditation and breathing can set him/her up for a much better day. It transitions them from chaos at home to the structure and safety of school. Thanks for the continued guidance in these areas. Mary

  6. Linda Sheehan,LCSW says is in the SF Bay Area. They work in local schools and are building a nation-wide outreach with their on-line training programs. They also have had regional conferences on Mindfulness in education. Nothing yet in the Chicago-area.
    Judy, I’d be very interested in how your workshop is received. I work in a school near Il/Wisc. border.
    Thank You, Linda

  7. Judy Rogers, LCSW says

    I am so thrilled to read this email this morning. I have been asked to do a workshop with children from the ages of 10-13 on Mindfulness.
    I have been working with adults in Mindfulness for awhile, but have no experience with children and the topic. But I did not want to say “no” as in Wisconsin interest in Mindfulness is just starting.
    So what great resources you provided me this morning.
    Thank you,

  8. Loretta Oleck says

    The QuietMind Series by Loretta Oleck (psychotherapist) uses photographs as visual cues linked to visualizations, meditations and affirmations for any age. There are five different books to choose from, each specific to a different theme- anxiety, ADD/ADHD, self-esteem, grief, addiction.There is also a cd included with color reproductions of the photographs as well as the activities.

  9. Diane Rae says

    Have you seen Dr. Dan Siegel’s new book: The Whole Brain Child? It is very good and gives some very good ideas about how to teach mindfulness to children and explains why!