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  9. First thing I do in the morning, is turn on the radio. The music makes me feel alive, and relaxed. The talking helps me get interested in what might happening all around.

  10. Ive been a professional orchestra musician for 30 years knowing abort this for many years . I must say though har Somatic Exp. Erickson Coaching sone yoga and mindfulness has developed my body and mind tremendously. Maybe because I alko think many musicians Are traumatised during competition , bad teacjers, auditions and their oftten hard way to make a living out of music. I am very Happy though to bee able to show research In these days when schools are making less effort in teaching music. I must admit also that Thank you for great programs, Ruth! 🙂 Hildegun

  11. I am 85 years of age and have been learning to play the piano for nearly two years. I think it is the hardest thing I have ever done as although I love music I have never even touched a keyboard or learned to read music before this time. This article made such sense as every week I study and wonder why although I can see the notes it seems to take a long time from seeing it written on a page to travelling down to my fingers and connecting with the correct keys! I realise it is not going to get easier, but am determined to continue and I will now imagine my brain and the fireworks going on in there! I look forward to any further information which might assist me in this very difficult talk. Thank you.

  12. I would love to sign up, but I cannot afford it. Thank you Ruth, for the wonderful work you are doing. I will watch the presentation each week. Cheers!

  13. A coincidence explained! Thanks you!!
    My clients are selected for their “Outlier” qualities (think too much, feel too much, too smart for their own good, and other silly judgments.)
    I’ve discovered, sometimes a few weeks into working with them, that every one of them is a musician. Aha!!
    I’ve always connected with other musicians (multi-instrumentalist since @ 1969) and now I have a “reason” to explain it. We really do think diffeently!

  14. Thanks Dr. Ruth. I do find listening to music, especially classical and Met Opera Radio as I drive about town – to be at different times – soothing, bringing states of happiness, bringing states of joy, increasing awareness of the drivers around me, and increasing the creation and integration of new ideas arising within my mind.
    Sometimes I sing along with the opera. And then, oh the poor drivers around me roll up their windows. :):)
    Finally I had better pull out the keyboard again. Chuckle.

  15. I am so glad that my meditation guru Dr Bill Knight put me into this seminar, for both personal and professional reasons. I meditate, I am learning Italian, I am studying the Renaissance as I plan a month in Italy this summer. I would like to sing again, lessons, and pick up the violin once more. I believe my MBSR training makes me a better grandmother! Better friend. And it informs my stories and the book I am working on and my work with my clients. How lucky we are for this opportunity for learning and growth. The first seminar was great. Thank you.

  16. Thanks Mom and Dad, for my piano lessons!
    I would love to find out if there are any specific effects on the brain with emotional regulation through music study? Is there anything out there on this yet?

  17. Wow, incredible information. I have always loved playing music, and I knew it was good for me too. Now, I know why. Thank you for all of your valuable and relevant information!

  18. I fully agree with this article and I’m glad that you shared. Music is porwerful and I’d add that it helps us to relax and to release the stress. Thank you!

  19. How does studying singing change the brain?

  20. I teach ballet and have long been a brain nerd 🙂 I realized early in my teaching career that it wasn’t that dance attracted the highly intelligent but that it created them. It’s really a national tragedy that the arts have been all but eliminated from public school education. Since my first teaching job in a public school throughout the 80s, I now wonder if dumbing down the populous is intentional since these stats have been around several decades.

  21. I can direct you to topics of Ambidexterity/Creativity and Polyrhythms (also correlated to juggling and left handed people). I think it is all very closely connected with learning musical instruments (professional pianists have larger part of brain connecting left and right hemisphere called Corpus Callosum which grow with practice, up to 15% larger compared to non musicians due to one study). Also A. Einstein’s Corpus callosum was significantly bigger, due to chinese study on his brain it was the reason for Einstein’s extraordinary creativity and maybe also one of the reason he was able to solve difficult problems and find solutions (not his intelligence was so important), also Einstein played violin from early age and was left handed.

  22. As a former musician (piano, voice) whose mother was a music teacher, I also strongly believe this. Also, when I changed careers in the 1970’s from working for the government to the private sector (computer testing equipment), we all were hearing that IBM was looking for music majors (which we heard used the same parts of the brain). Like Palma, I think that learning music in school should be mandatory (like it used to be when I was in elementary school many decaldes ago). Learning the arts in school iI think is imperative because it teaches different things than do the academic subjects: very important things we need in life.

  23. I do believe this so strongly. I think we should move for policy to have a music instrument as mandatory for the elementary school children, even at the cost of taking away one academic subject!!
    Thanks for the information

    • I fully agree. I would not be the same person if I hadn’t been exposed to music and the arts in school. I had multiple opportunities to learn musical instruments and play in bands and orchestras all throughout school. I took full advantage of all these opportunities, and they had a big impact on me, and enriched my life tremendously.

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