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  1. Today, to maintain the health is a big problem for everyone. Some people take different medicines to improve the body but after some months they have different health issues. You need to update audio drivers if you want to listen songs in windows 10. We should take the natural medicine like the proper vitamin form fruits(nutrients).

  2. I missed the first call and unfortunately will not be able to listen to the next one due to a time conflict. Would you consider offering links to missed calls for a limited time after the call? I am aware of your purchase option.

    • Hi Judy,
      We do have a replay of each call at 6:30PM EDT on Wednesdays if that fits your schedule. The gold subscription is how we can continue to provide these series.
      NICABM Staff

  3. The actual proof of research has been a wonderful encouragement to continue to do good relational therapy! Ruth, I have been using all of the information on neurobiology in my practice since last year and have seen miracles occur in lives of many clients gaining hope and strength from knowing that they “can change” and are no doomed by a diagnosis!

  4. I enjoy listening to your seminars. It seems that in the same way there is allot unknown about how the brains’ neurology works with therapy there is also allot that is not yet understood about music and it’s value in therapy. That is why, I am interested in music teaching and singing in general. As a singing teacher, I can see how music can make a difference in my life and others; I wish there were more teaching and study done in this area.

  5. For we Westerners, some concrete explanation of our “proven” ability to make change happen and to connect brain science and spirituality is paramount. It encourages all those that I have interracted with in the past three to five years to practice mindfulness meditation. To add to that and I think most importantly, it encourages us to be mindful human beings in all aspects of our lives.
    Thanks to everyone.