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  2. Thanks Kelly for your comments on approach versus avoidance. I found your ideas relevant and practical.

  3. I think it’s a shame that the Gold membership is so expensive. I think such dichotomy between what is something in an affordable range and those the more wealthy can afford only promotes the split between the reach and poor. Perhaps there is a way to make this more affordable while making this available to folks who really can’t afford this keeping in mind that anyone viewingusually has to afford internet access and internet access equipment.

    • I would like to add that it is a shame that the Gold membership is so expensive. I have struggled all my life to get to the masters level and become a therapist. Having managed to break free from the blue collar staus of my ancesters I have a degree and a career but I have no resources. I plugged away as a single mom and now at the age of 52 I am still behind. I also practice in a georgraphical area where mental health is for the weak, it is underfunded, and “breif cognitive behavioral” therapies are prefered. This makes it hard to convince administrations that it is worth investing in the new brain science stuff which I whole-heartedly believe is the path that emotional health matters should stay on.
      The comment that I am responding mentioned how the price adds to the spit between the haves and the have nots. Although the price listed is not intended to exclude it is a grain of sand in the pile that splits the playing field and keeps places like South East Iowa USA using limited theraputic methods and maintaining attitudes that insure that people believe that they are Mentally Ill. Medication is popular here.
      If I had the Gold Member package price I honestly feel it is a useful investment. The price might not be as high as it is just unreachable for those of us in the tenches.
      Right now I take notes and search the web and make lists of knowledge and resources that I want and put it on my Amazon wish list as well as take advantage of Free Resources like this.
      Thank You!!!

  4. Thanks for re-posting the Talkback session. I missed the earlier Talkback because a guest had arrived while I was listening to the interview with Dr. Goleman.
    That seemed like a tough interview, by the way, with Ruth having to work hard to keep it going. It seemed to me a matter of style, Dr. G’s answers concise and to the point, not taking her questions as topic suggestions to expound upon as others have done. I did not perceive it as condescension by Dr. G, as one person suggested, but rather his being kindly amenable to Ruth’s guidance of the conversation — just with a clipped style not conducive to this kind of interview. (I’ll bet that a colleague advised him beforehand to just stick to answering the questions and not get carried away with himself.) Perhaps in this sort of situation the interviewer should clarify what’s needed by saying “Please expound upon xyz for the next several minutes.” Perhaps, too, future speakers should listen some to past popular webinars to get a sense of what style of response will come across well. Despite the uphill effort that it seemed to be, I got a lot out of the webinar. So did my guest, despite her lack of background understanding and her having walked into it midway. We listened together till the webinar’s end; my guest expressed delight at her new-found knowledge, and I’ve found myself quoting info from Dr. Goleman several times.
    The Talkback was awesome, no wonder you re-posted it.

  5. Love the TalkBacks …they really help to drive the info home.
    Thank you ~ Petra

  6. Thank you, Ruth, for reposting. I so appreciate Kelly’s and Ron’s insights. Don’t you?

  7. Thank you so much for your generosity and commitment to all of us in re-posting this talk back session, definitely much more useful and interesting to me than the webinar of Mr. Goleman, which was a bit disappointing, as other people commented. Thank you so much to all NICABm staff for making it possible for us to enjoy this. With much love

  8. I never seem to be at my computer during the webinair sessions. The talkbalk was very thoughtful and inciteful. Having worked with children as a teacher, later a therapist and now doing volunteer fluency training, I am always amazed at how quickly children “learn” to be delighted with their accomplishments when given simple tasks at their level, and then slowly increasimg the level, cheering them on as they succeed with each new step. I have 3rd graders who had difficulty reading, now, not only reading, but writing their own stories. I had a youngster whose seizures kept him from sports activities, become a real sportsman once he learned to identify the aura preceeding a seizure, through hypnotic suggestion, and control it. The human mind is much more plastic than it was credited with in early scientific studies. Youngsters are learning so much more so much earlier than they were when I first started teaching many years ago.

  9. I did not have a chance to listen to the webinar, but I love the talkback session as I feel I am able to learn and get the main gist in a short period of time. Like a gold nugget of learning. Thank you.

  10. I was disappointed in Mr. Goleman, mostly in that I found him to be condescending toward Ruth.
    The Talkback session, however, was excellent, as usual. I appreciated mention of the various qualities of attention and their uses in interpersonal relationships. Also, how paying attention can itself be self motivating and the idea that much of ADHD can be called a disorder of motivation–and so the solution becomes how to make tasks intrinsically rewarding–chunk it down into doable tasks with rewards and simply to notice that the task is one of engagement, which can be appreciated and deeped by the senses. If avoiding because you think it’s going to be boring, give yourself 1 minute to approach without prejudgement.

  11. Wow, wow . THANK YOU RUTH. I have not been able to get any of the webinar and I must tell you that what I just heard from Dr . Kelly about avoidance and doing, right brain/left brain is exactly what I needed to get. Impulsivety/gratification/avoidance is what gets me every time. I use the acronym DO, DIRECTIVE OVERWRITE. That is the action. Now I have an idea of how and where to focus my attention. I can stop blaming myself thinking I am way too damaged to get centered.
    Would anyone care to say whether or not a brain can heal after years of self abuse from drugs and alcohol. I know a lot has to do with the age when a person started and what is used. Is there a different way to help a depressed/addicted brain . Also, what research has been done on the use of Marijuana and therapy.
    Dr.Ruth, , do you have a payment plan for us who cannot afford a chunk payment. Please consider this as I would certainly be a GOLD MEMBER. ALSO, PayPal is what I would use because I don’t do credit cards.

  12. Thanks for the follow up session. Had to miss he webinar due to the storm.

  13. Hi Ruth,
    I found this TalkBack session very useful even thought much of the information wasn’t new to me, because it got me to reflect more deeply about issues like style of attention, and how to convey and use these ideas more powerfully in my work as a Leadership and Life Coach. Love this series even though I can’t always listen at the time they air and probably would not listen even later because the pace of my work and community life is so demanding. Your appeal on this tape, however, has made me decide to sign up for the Gold Series. Thanks for this work. Curdina

  14. I would like to say that I didn’t experience any technical glitches neither during the session nor during the talkbacks.
    I also would like to disagree with the comments posted earlier blaming Ruth for the paucity of information provided by Dr Goleman. Like many others I also was disappointed, but it didn’t seem to me that it had anything to do with Ruth. Dr Goleman (at least at this webinar) appeared to be more of a celebrity than an innovator. It seemed as if since developing the concept of EQ he simply couldn’t come with anything else.
    Luckily the talkback was very informative, as usual, and even more. Thank you for reposting it and thank you for all I learned from your webinars over the years.

  15. Oh, Thanks Ruth for re posting talk back segment, which I just now viewed.This talk back segment was full of use full suggestions and improving our focus on the subject.
    Thank you for your immense support.

  16. I unfortunately missed the webinar with Daniel Adams is there any chance to get the material from this webinar, without signing up as Goldmember. I just don´t have that money now, sorry. But I am working on getting better from a depression linked with childhood abuse and I need so much to learn all I can to help myself, don´t want to sound like a self pity victim, but thought I could ask.
    Thank you for all the great information you are giving out.
    Best regard Thordis.