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  1. Sara Tinker, Psychotherapy, Nashville, TN, USA says

    So Beautiful. Looking for words of encouragement and wisdom as we continue to heal those who suffer from the aftermath of covid trauma. This is reassuring and brings Hope for resolution.

  2. Kim, Other, USA says

    Thank you for sharing Peter Levine’s reading of the poem. It would not have been one bit less powerful – and would not have felt like, say, a drug commercial – if had been just Dr. Levine reading the words, without music or other visuals.

  3. Loulou says

    A man with a heart…

  4. peggy frank, Coach, CA says

    Thank you. This is perfect and beautiful and beautifully read and shared. Love -peg

  5. Victoria Rhodes, GB says

    I am a former teacher of early years children , working with those with disregulated nervous systems through teaching group conflict resolution, art therapy and the hundred languages of children’s communication and being taught by the incredible ability of children to know what most adults can no longer sense. I now work with elderly people many of whom lived through the second world war and are approaching or at death. Some have dementia, some have senility and many have incredible wisdom to teach. I suffered a traumatic and violent childhood and bad hallucinogenic drug experiences as a young adult. I taught myself meditation through listening to what seemed to be happening externally and to bio-feedback in my body, to reduce hyper- sensitivity and synaesthsia. After many many experiences of going through dark nights of the soul, groundhog days and travelling the multi verses in both ways simultaneously, managing my own medication with the support of my fantastic GP, I taught myself, with no formal training how to walk the middle path of staying grounded and yet alive to the subtleties of what was being revealed to me, through literature, music/ song lyrics, nature and the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. I ready for formal training.
    This poem means alot to me. Thank you so much.

  6. Al, USA says

    We need to hear this during this time of mourning for most of us who have lost the close friends or relatives. There is so much death and sickness around us. That’s reality. I would like to send my warm blessings to Peter Levine for reaching out in prayers and in poetry.

  7. Koudjoukalo A, Psychotherapy, FL, USA says

    This is what I really need today. I lost my young sister-in law last night. She passed away after staying a month in hospital. Self-reliance and shame are the only words I can think of now. So thank you for this poem of richness in comforting words.

  8. Jean McLaughlin, Other, Harleysville, PA, USA says

    “Lockdown”…this was the most powerful reading I’ve had the good fortune to hear since this craziness began. Very effective to stimulate my thinking and my actions toward a more hopeful path. Thank you, Peter Levine for sharing it with me.

  9. Anne Cronin, Other, IE says

    Dear Ruth, Peter and team,

    Thank you for this beautiful and Hope focussed recording. Being present to myself is the gift I attempt to bring to those people who choose to come through my door.

    Clients are speaking of despair and irritation at a media stream of death and rising numbers affected, upset and frustration at restrictive measures imposed on people.

    People including me, feel the challenge of living in isolation to ensure we don’t pass on the transmissible coronavirus, and that we don’t get exposed unduly to coronavirus however, there is the choice to ‘feed the lion’ or to ‘feed the wolf’ who creates powerful thoughts of Love and Hope.

    Vibration of Hope resonates with the Hope in every being.

  10. Paul Childs, Coach, USA says

    My clients are undergoing a collective trauma even as they consider themselves intelligent enough to navigate the effects of the coronavirus. A weariness has set in which has caused many to become more complacent, take more risks. And it is this exhaustion I fear, which keeps them from discovering the hope. Their certainty.

  11. Yvonne Belmont, Counseling, AU says

    A touching and real commentary of living today. Definitely worth sitting with for a quiet time.

  12. Donna Lauck, Psychotherapy, PA, USA says

    I have a cell phone that is just for patients to call any time even if they just need someone to talk to. There is no charge, we just talk. Unfortuneatly, there is still spam, but that is easily ignored. My patients do not abuse this because they know others may need time, also.

  13. Verena, Psychology, DE says

    Thank you so much for posting this video.
    Peter Levine is just a wonderful human being.
    The lines are showering me with hope, positive thoughts and LOVE – thank you!

  14. john russell, Psychotherapy, richmond, VA, USA says

    thank you Peter for who you are
    and what you give us

  15. Audra Morris, Counseling, Columbia, MD, USA says


  16. Maria Pini, GB says

    Thank you so much for sharing. Maria ??

  17. Gerrie Slothouber, Psychotherapy, NL says

    Thanks for the poem! I stay in contact with my clients on a regular basis and response to their massages in beteren. Sometimes I also sent little signs of hope and resilience, by music, nature, love and art. Only when I think it matches to the state the person one the other site of the phone is in. It gives a sense of togetherness when real contact is missing.

  18. Carmen Sylla says

    This is really wonderful! Full of hope and love!
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  19. Ursula Daly, Psychotherapy, IE says

    Thank you so much
    Inspirational heart rending
    Love conquers all and as long as we know that we will keep on motoring through the difficult times.

  20. Gwenyth Francis, Counseling, AU says

    That was beautiful and touched my heart.

    • Margaret Gottlieb, Medicine, AU says

      Hi Gwen,
      Hope you are keeping well. Inspiring poem isn’t it.
      Have a lovely festive season despite this crappy Covid crisis!
      Margie Gottlieb

  21. Lynne Bitler, Ossipe, NH, USA says

    Lovely and thank you very much. We all need to hear this and love each other..
    Rejoice in the current moment which is all we really KNOW and it is enough to be alive.
    Bless us all

  22. Fred Port, Coach, CA, USA says

    We forget… Hold too often… How about sharing the simple pleasures with others. This is a good reminder to reach out… To help others.

  23. Anonymous says

    A lovely reminder of the power of love and care.

  24. Katie Finaz, Teacher, Wasilla, AK, USA says

    Lovely. Nicely done Peter. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Raysa Amador, Teacher, Glen Cove, NY, USA says

    Thanks for sharing the light if hope❤️