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  5. Hi,
    Very interesting website. Thank you.
    I’m not a practitioner, just a person with lifelong anxiety who is always seeking something to assuage my worrying.
    I am finding that repeating a short mantra (3 words) can keep my monkey mind at bay – as long as I remember to keep repeating it!!
    Am I cheating on my mindfulness technique or is saying a mantra an “ok” approach, too?
    Thanks again
    Rose in Chicago

  6. Mindfulness/awareness practices are essential.
    Sometimes when emotions are intense, and habitual reactive patterns (fight, flight, freeze), just takes over; tools like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping meridian points), can be very effective.
    With time & use of EFT, (easily taught in a session), the Mind/Brain-Body is entrained to respond, more calmly, clearly & creatively. Habitual reactions/patterns decreases.
    Quietening the emotions, & thoughts are both essential.
    After over 18years of using EFT, I have found this the most effective tool/practice for clearing/resolving the emotional charges/triggers from past events.
    Brilliant for PTSD.!
    Practicing/teaching ‘objectless awareness’, mindfulness, meditation, when opportunity arises, increases the effectiveness, and rate of positive changes.
    A simple Breath Awareness technique plus EFT, & changing perspectives, all enhance each other.
    Sometimes, medications, allopathic, herbal, nutritional may be needed, to help suppress/decrease symptoms, so that underlying habits, reactive patterns, and past traumas can be dealt with using other techniques & practices.
    The combination of tools like:
    *EFT/Matrix Re-imprinting, (acceptance, love, forgiveness of what was/is.)
    *Mindfulness & Breath Awareness techniques, and meditation(sitting in stillness & objectless awareness), plus
    *An integrated perspective of life (Body-Mind-Energy) in a physical vehicle, can result in transformative changes.
    However the challenge is to be able to Patiently Persevere, Persistently Practice! (PPPP),
    with an open ‘Heart’ guiding an open ‘Mind’

  7. What wonderful advice ! I think we all have these periods of fear and uncertainty etc., some of which I believe are also created by a lack of self-confidence.
    I will definitely be re-reading and following Dr. Kornfield’s tips – I love especially this paragraph – “To be present and to learn, to train oneself in mindfulness, or to offer it to others …. etc.”
    Many, many thanks.

  8. This is so amazing, accurate, and so useful for us as clinicians out there. Thank you Dr Siegle for sharing those tips.

  9. I missed. Dan Siegel because…you and others mentioned the free “tapping solution”.I will see Dan later.
    But yesterday I learned that you can always start the tapping by asking uourself questions.
    So how easy could live be???
    You just gave me the questions above and I used them to tap on them!
    Thank you!

  10. Thank you. I found that exercise useful and I’m thinking about how to adapt it to use with a particular adolescent client who suffers with anxiety. How do I calm myself? I tune in to myself periodically , take a conscious breath, feel my feet on the ground, and/or my body supported by the couch or chair or…and just ask myself the caring question, “what’s going on for you right now, Maecan?” And I tune into body sensation, emotion, thoughts etc…