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  3. Thank you for your video.
    The frequencies used in smart meters, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, wilreless routers and other wifi appliances have been shown to affect the brain and to affect the biological organisms in many deleterious ways, causing stress and, long term, damage to many body systems. I want to know if there have been studies done on the effects of mindfulness or expanded consciousness on these biological effects of exposure to microwave frequencies (as in wifi.)
    If not I request such studies, as many of us in the western world are now bathed involuntarily in these frequencies 24 hours per day via smart meters. This type of radiation has been shown to affect fertiliity, immunity, hormonal systems, foetuses, etc and seems based on research to be a threat to not only the health of humanity but other species. The need for research on how we can at least overcome its effects on us is pressing, before too much damage is done.

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  5. Interesting video and topic. These findings have significant implications for those of us living in constant or near-constant states of stress due to environmental conditions, like poverty, single parenthood with little outside support, etc. I wonder if Dr. Hanson has any information or advice on how to soothe the brain/body when living in such high-stress circumstance? Aside from take 3 deep breaths, etc. Which can be helpful at times but when it’s your day to day life, it’s not enough. Does your attachment style/pre-existing neural patterns play a part in how stressful these circumstances could be, and/or how your system responds to constant states of stress?
    As I’m living in one now, I would be really interested to know.

  6. Start my day on beach with sunrise run!
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  7. Wonderful video clip and slightly new way to look at the SR and RR. I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s webinar. Thanks, Ruth!

  8. I have such compassion and concern for those who diligently explore and apply so many of the practices mentioned in other comments, and still fail to find major relief from emotional trauma. It took me 20 years of practicing a variety of energy healing modalities before I discovered Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This energy psychology technique is widely known and stunningly successful in helping people release stress, trauma, and phobias in a very short time. Widely described on the net, you can certainly train yourself in its use, but finding a practitioner near you will be far more helpful in initiating your healing from serious concerns, even in one or two sessions.

  9. ditto on what suzanne said above. i’ve been doing therapy, meds, groups, meditation, exercise, Feldenkrais and i believe i’ve experienced improvement, but far from what i perceive as the ideal state except for brief periods. right now i”m trying to heal from physical trauma that impacts balance, walking and normal functioning with a year of rehab at least and th psychological trauma is is in the red zone often or always. it seems so difficult still. nevertheless, rick and others on this and others offer hope and calming respite, bringing tears. thank you rick and ruth.

  10. Some people’s brain’s have a pre-disposition to happiness and letting “things” roll off their backs. Some, like myself, fall into the category of negative bias in the brain. For folks like me, we need to “take in the good” as Rick would say, and truly internalize those happy moments. I love to stack rocks, I can lose track of time in the endless moment that comes from this simple activity–it’s a simple, and always available stress-reducer. But taking in the good to create deeper appreciation comes with daily mindfulness. See a humming bird? I don’t just walk away with a smile, I revel in that moment for up to a minute or more, really dwelling in the experience. I also give. When I’m stressed from work or some other trigger, I will sometimes just stop, push myself away from the computer, and go and do something completely giving and compassionate to someone else–buy a cookie for the wife, hug our kid and tell her how proud I am of her a little longer. I also write and do graphics via my blog–this helps relieve distress, because I’m focused on something other than the stress trigger. All of these things break the “cycle of negativity” that can come with stress and anxiety, and they help build better neural networks, while reducing the fight/flight/freeze propensity that I have.

  11. I am so looking forward to Wednesday and I hope I can connect this time. Stress is by far the biggest trigger for a lot of other conditions that plague me. I have been doing meditation for about three years and yoga..These help when I am at a relatively low stress level. Because of complex trauma in early childhood I have done the medication route with a minor relief of the exterior anxieties but not for the actual anxiety. Clonazopan and the like are not fixes and I have concurrent problems such as addiction so needless to say, I need to do this as holistically as I can. I am looking for permanent change not, DBT style but actual strategies for rewiring old messages.Too bad I can’t find someone who does Unified Therapy in Canada, I would try that also.
    I am eternally grateful for the access to this awesome forum.
    Ps.DBT is Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, great for understanding yourself and some very effective tools for coping and the hope is that in time , with practice, you can change a behavior and therefore change the feelings attached. The jury is still out on this 9ne for me. Let you know in a year or so .haha

    • As a Certified Practitioner of Energetic Vibrational Transformational Arts, such as Matrix Energetics, LaHoChi, Sound Healing, as well as Health Dowsing for over 25 years, I have worked with thousands of others in finding the core issue behind their Stress. Not only do we discover it, we Balance it. I am an Interpreter of the Soul’s Vibration and tune into what your Being is telling me. Your body is designed for a state of Harmony and Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit and when ‘unfinished issues’ are cleared, this state is easily obtained. Issues may not even be yours, but perhaps were downloaded in childhood from Ancestral patterns that are showing up to be let go of! These patterns can manifest and show up as Stess in the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or Body, mind Spirit. I offer classes and sessions in these areas for others to truly “know themselves” and how to tune into what your Divine Total Being is really telling you. YOU CAN BE MASTER OF YOUR LIFE! An interesting way of looking at the word dis-ease is simply a disagreement with the Energy. Any disagreement with the Energy creates Stress! Blessings!
      This is Stress and shows up in your Biology

    • I don’t know if this site allows links but I found THIS program from an email from the – tapping is a simple technique that anyone can try on their own to get at the root cause of their stress – which requires a level of honesty with yourself you might not achieve the first time.

      • Your article was exclneelt and erudite.

  12. Favorite subject indeed. Can you make sure that I’ll get the email to confirm? I need to receive this email so I can confirm and it still hasn’t come. Thank you so very much.

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