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  1. Pat Ogden’s observations *activate* me in a very good way?! I use the term activate in much the same way it is used in trauma recapitulation. If I explain with mindfulness technique, the same areas for enthusiasm *hurt*, as when I re-experience head trauma (the negative stuff). Ouch! Is it possible neurologically that many of the same circuits process both the joyful/ecstatic and the terrible/shocking information?
    Pat is on target in saying that in trauma, one’s Cognitive function is *not in sync* with the Affective sense. This is the golden spot–where a healing can occur; when the two are skewed beyond recognition.
    Also, I love that there is now a repeated correlation between attachment/bonding in the developing infant and relating/respect for the adult…instead of *debunking* the narrative in therapy– develop relationship. Who cares what happened or did’t happen…we just want people to heal! Diagnosis is dwelling on illness, not wellness.
    I see Pat’s concept of Relational Mindfulness (touch or mirroring feeling) and Joan’s mention of Self-RegulationTherapy (going inside to check on the body’s feelings) require compassionate acknowledgement too (*so you feel XXX, that’s intense, it’s amazing you lived through that, what do you believe about yourself after that incident? I notice that your eye is twitching, I understand how you feel… touch in again-what other sensations do you experience inside?).
    At that point, I think rewiring is possible: it is initiated by the empathic/respectful response (the listening,curiosity,physical mirroring/saying the right words). Without relationship it’s a 50 minute story-telling with no movement forward toward self-confidence and ability to visualize happiness and success. Carl Rogers had it down better than Freud, didn’t he?
    Emotion is the heart of the matter.

  2. Dr. Porges got me licking my lips for middle ear EXERCISES for Autistic Spectum auditory problems; Then he did not demonstrate any of them!
    Occurred to me that vitamin B enhances myelination of nerves–so probably true of the vagal nerves, yes? This interview was packed with information, so helpful and encouraging. Porges was great with the TSA analogy, noting where kids choose to seat themselves, and the subject of safety and self congrats for Borderlines. Thank you all.
    Wanted to glean if a closing of the throat/esophagus that happens to constrict speech in hyper-arousal is related to the vagal nerves too? Wanted more more more about the heart to brain connection including the connection of the reciprocal tension cranial pump to the heart’s regulation of beats. Is the cranial pump connected to the vagal nerves?
    Liked the term interoception (sp?)for tracking oneself somatically. Seigal helped me get the meaning much better than prior to his comments. Ron, so even you find people frightening?: funny-insightful. Also, your comment simplifying three different functional pathways–fight-flight,
    rewards-status, and tend-befriend was brilliant. Joan said so much in such a short time I could not keep note-taking.
    This (for me) was the best presentation yet.

  3. Thanks for your feedback about the webinars. We broadcast every week at 5pm and 6:30pm EST. It takes a tremendous amount of staff power to produce and run these webinars. We are glad that many thousands are able to attend Wednesday nights and enjoy the broadcasts.

  4. I agree with the posts about the time issues – the times are too restrictive and at peak times for seeing clients. And especially what happened last Wednesday – I centered my calendar around it then had to keep changing it due to your difficulties – it was very frustrating and not customer friendely. It was up to us to change versus you providing a solution we could relisten to it later without paying. If you are providing the service for free then make it accessible. Many organizations will allow up to 24-48 hours for the replays and then if want more then upgrade into their member levels.

  5. I have to agree with the comments by other responders with regard to time accessibility.
    I am afraid that the NICABM staff is not aware of the well known fact from the marketing strategies – the more the webinar will be accessible the more people will be willing to become a golden member. Making restriction to just one hour (impossible to make for so many people for one resaon or other) simply deprives NICABM of many potential golden members. I do hope NICABM staff will become aware of this simple truth creating a win-win situation for everybody concerned soon.

  6. You ask, “Have you ever learned more about a client from their voice and facial expressions than the words they were saying to you?”
    Some years ago, I was the client in an exercise with other NVC-trainers. I was asked to express my internal state by a posture, all silent. I connected to my inner state of stressfull despair, expressing this by clenched fists, rage in my facial expression and tension all over my body. I did this with my eyes closed standing close to three people surrounding me. I was asked to open my eyes and look into the others’ eyes, one by one, as they expressed empathy towards me. As I looked at one of them (who had been my mentor for several years), just one second or less, I spontaneously burst into tears, all tension being released in a split second and experienced a tremendous emotional shift from anger to deep sadness and vulnerability. I felt relief, need for support, opening my heart towards myself, and it lasted for quite a while.
    It’s still a magic moment to look back at, really reminding me that empathy is the quality of our presence, not our intellectual understanding nor the words we use.

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    • Wow, this is crazy! I thought I was nuts with the PVC and evimetyre I moved my neck down I would get PVC, wow! I will have to look into this, I’ll keep you posted on what I find out. Thanks for the information, I actually have a 7 day heart monitor just got it today. My stupid pacemaker is not picking up on my PVC and my daughter was telling me I make no sense what I’m describing to him. After the echo the saw the stupid PVC and now they believe me. I’m so freaking upset about him not believing

  7. All I know about the Vagus nerve is that it is stimulated by a coffee enema.

  8. Does the Vagus nerve have anything to do with liver-spleen function? If so, in what way?

    • That really catpures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

    • Hi Heidi, Now my scar barely shows too. It takes a long time but these thgins to heal. Yeah, I would just get the thing shut off because of how it doesn’t help but there’s no one around here that has VNS equipment (I’ve moved since I had it done). – Natasha

  9. I can’t believe Ruth is offering it for free! What a gift…..thanks!
    She is in business and the whole point of what she is selling is to be able to listen to it whenever you want as many times as you want when you purchase it.
    These are the best in the world at what they do.
    I make the time…and would make the time no matter where i lived to catch the free broadcast.
    And the purchase price is low for the quality of information from the best researchers giving you the latest.
    Thanks Ruth!
    Mark J. Ryan

  10. Have been studying brain/mind function all my life.
    Using music to get to a level of mind where learning is more efficient.’
    Offering Transformation Clearing to people around the world to integrate and align more of their dimensional and other dimensional selves–and clear the old programs that are no longer serving them.
    Thank you so much for offering your work so that we make this a better world for all!

  11. I have to agree with the comments by other responders with regard to time accessibility. It would be wonderful to have this series available for those of us who time conflicts. Wednesday is just not do-able for me. This material is so timely and perhaps better than anything else I have heard regarding the latest brain science, it is a shame that it is not available for at least one full day.

  12. the current timings are very helpful indeed as they allow folk in the Uk and the west to be able to access the seminars. Any later, and it would be very difficult/impossible. However a 24 hour availability would be great to allow as many people as possible to see this wonderful series which has been magnificent so far and needs to be disseminated across the globe i.m.o. The price of the full set is above the reach of so many, yet the contents are life-changing. This, partly, because most of the information is known and intuited by many (common knowledge) the yeilding up of our power to ‘Science’ means that nowadays many can only feel justified in doing what they already know, if ‘science’ backs it up. Of course, the ideal might be to start to trust our inner knowledge once more, the use of science having disempowered us so. I acknowledge my ambivalence having struggled to adapt to a system that is not about Authenticity and inner Authority but quite the converse.

  13. You ask, “Have you ever learned more about a client from their voice and facial expressions than the words they were saying to you?” In response I can relate an experience I had long before I became a counselor myself, as a therapy client.
    I told my counselor about how much information–that I trust more than words–I get from body language, which included facial expressions and voice inflection to me. He told me that body language was a myth and I should never use it in the place of the spoken word.
    I disagreed so strongly with his stand that I did not return to that counselor. However, in later years, when I was teaching about body language to my college organizational psychology class, I had refined my knowledge about the therapeutic use of body language to the point that I taught my students that reading body language was an intuitive art and for most reliable interpersonal communications, one should validate what they read by checking out their understanding verbally with the person. Complete with the behavior description–which forces the body reader to become conscious about just what features they are taking to mean what–here is a rather trivial example: I just saw you smile when I offered you a drink? Did my offer please you? Or better yet, more open ended: What did that smile mean, I wonder?
    I will let my readers apply my example to a deeper, more therapeutic level themselves.

    • Love your word choice of *reliable interpersonal communications*. Observation: lots of folks assume that they know what’s going on in others and they are dead wrong, especially when they are neither listening nor willing to ask outright (be in a state of curiosity and suspension of disbelief).

  14. I agree with the issue of time accessibility. I have yet been able to see one webinar, and I am a believer who wants to deepen my knowledge n understanding. Wedsdays is the time of highest demand; in any case, many of my clients can only come after work, so that 4 of 5 nights I work till 7:00 p . Please make the webinar more accessible. It would make for a Win-Win situation as Ralph suggests above. Thank you!

  15. Since there’s no replay available, 8PM PSTwould be a better for folks like me on the west coast.
    ( That’s 5PM EST )
    Why make it soooo difficult for us working folks?
    As it is now, I’m unable to see or hear Dr. Porges’ presentation (2PM PST) OR sense if it’s worth the after-lecture cost.
    We both lose.
    That’s the facts,
    ralph : (

  16. I would like the sessions of this web seminar be made available 24hrs so we, at different time zones could listen to it.