Nutrition 2011

Do your patients sabotage their diet around the holidays?

Learn how to get them from Thanksgiving to the New Year feeling good about what they eat

When you think about it, what we eat may have the greatest impact on overall health and disease.

Beyond that, what we eat has a significant impact not just on our weight, cardiovascular system, and body image, but also on the vitality of the brain.

Yet so many of our patients sabotage their health with their holiday food choices.

And when the New Year comes, people often get discouraged because they have so much ground to cover...yet again.

According to James Hill of the University of Colorado's Health Science Center, 80 to 95% of the people who go on diets end up gaining back all of the weight that they had lost.

Some people are so disheartened they don't even try anymore.

One reason is that diets can be too drastic and difficult to maintain.

There's got to be a better way.

With that as our goal, we set out to find solutions that work. We searched for experts who have a whole new outlook on eating to provide you with fresh ideas that you can share with your patients - recommendations that busy people can actually follow.

The holidays are probably the worst time of year for maintaining healthy eating habits. To counter this, we created a mini-teleseminar series to help you get your patients ready for the holidays and beyond.

It's not about sticking to diets and calorie-counting - this is eating to optimize both brain and body.

If you think this is important and you want to make a difference, you need to be part of this program.

Eat for Your Health: The 3 Keys to Culinary Medicine

John La Puma, MD

- Practicing physician, board-certified in Internal Medicine, professionally trained chef and author of Chef MD's Big Book of Culinary Medicine: A Food Lover's Road Map to Losing Weight, Preventing Disease, and Getting Really Healthy
  • The five most important foods to buy organic
  • How to get more anti-inflammatory elements into our diets
  • Satiety-what's the secret to feeling satisfied
  • Why the food we eat has become so much less nutritious
  • Four benefits of sustainably-grown food
  • It's all about bioavailability: How to avoid missing out on vital nutrients
  • The truth about fat and non-fat alternatives

Taken by Gilberto Taday

Mindless Eating: How Environmental Cues Affect Our Food Choices

Brian Wansink, PhD

- Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, Cornell University and author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think
  • We make 200 food choices a day (mostly without realizing it): How to make the right ones
  • Steps to re-program your eating habits
  • Why we eat what we eat
  • The mindless margin: How to use it to lose weight mindlessly
  • Devious experiments that shed light on our most surprising habits

Food Without Fear: Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat

Michelle May, MD

- Founder of Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshops and Facilitator Training Program and award winning author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: How to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle
  • Three common eating patterns that affect weight management
  • Common misconceptions about healthy eating
  • Enjoying the foods you love without guilt
  • Eating in a culture that over-eats: how to reverse that super-sized trend
  • Changing negative perceptions about exercise

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How to Nourish the Brain While Losing Weight: What We Were Never Taught About the Brain-Body-Weight Connection

Larry McCleary, MD

- Board certified in neurosurgery and author of Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly
  • A metabolic approach to brain health: How daily lifestyle choices impact brain function
  • Why the brain-belly connection is the secret to optimal weight
  • Why we face an epidemic of brain starvation in a culture that overeats
  • How to lift brain fog: A brain-body health routine for everyone

Super Immunity: Why Nutritious Food is Your First Line of Defense Against Disease

Joel Fuhrman, MD

- Founder, Center for Nutritional Medicine, Board Certified in family medicine and author of Eat to Live: The Amazing Nutrient-Rich Program for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss and Super Immunity: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body's Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease Free
  • Overfed, yet malnourished: Why nutrients may be the key
  • Micronutrients vs. macronutrients: What is the difference and why it matters for your patient's health
  • How to cut food addiction and improve weight loss

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In these valuable sessions you'll hear from 3 experts who will provide a new road map so that you can give your patients a plan that will work.

What can you expect to get from this new series?

  • Power-packed interviews with leaders in the field
  • Total focus on learning and skill building that you can implement immediately
  • Hands-on examples on how you can use nutrition to treat the most complex health issues

Through these calls with the experts, we'll dig deep into a range of important topics, including:

  • Why your patients diet could be negatively impacting their brain
  • The truth about fat and non-fat alternatives
  • The Mindless Margin: How to use it to help your patients lose weight easily
  • How to reverse the "supersize" trend
  • The five most important foods to buy organic
  • Why your patients' brain might be starving, even while they overeat
  • Is fruit and vegetable deficiency related to cancer?
  • How to reverse the eat/repent/repeat cycle
  • How to get more anti-inflammatory elements into our diets
  • Culinary approaches to make nutritious food look more appealing and taste delicious
  • A health routine to lift brain fog
  • Dietary changes your patients will stick to

Our mission is to change the way medicine is practiced.

If you share in this mission, then take a look at these sessions and see how they might make a difference in the work that you do.

This Teleseminar Series is for you if you are looking to:

  • Diversify and enhance your skills...
  • Add more expertise to your practice...
  • Get the edge that puts your practice at the top...
  • Deliver more effective results to your patients...

Are you ready to learn from the VERY BEST?

Here's what practitioners said about past
NICABM teleseminar series:

"It has been inspiring to listen to the NICABM presentations; both for the academic as well as practical things learned...The NICABM [teleseminars have] become a brilliant resource for my professional growth. The programs over the years have consistently 'hit a sweet spot' with me and the resonance continues to enliven my approach to helping people live fuller lives."

Ralph Wilson, N.D., M.S. Acupuncture, FlexAware Teacher
Washington, DC

"These NICABM series keep me afloat, in touch, on track, well trained in my field, and more personally healthy. The best aspect, though, is that I feel validated and comforted knowing that some dare to go the extra journey to research and educate, so I can walk the path to health, and can share with others."

Mary Corsello-Vilcheck, LCSW
Midlothian, VA

"I found this presentation extremely helpful! I've worked with bariatrics in the past and I know what foods are good for us in many ways--now I actually know why--how the body and brain uses them."

Susan Olson, PhD, Psychotherapy
Tacoma, Washington

"Thank you for making these seminars available. The one hour length is easy to fit in and it adds another important dimension to the books when you get to hear the author speak."

Laurie Minuk, MA, Counseling Psychology
Penticton, British Columbia

"This series of seminars was extremely informative and exciting. Each seminar provided an opportunity to learn about the topic from some of the leaders in the field. As always. Ruth did a wonderful job with her interviews and asked so many of the questions that we would all want to hear the answers. Being in Australia, it was extremely helpful being able to listen to the replays in my own time and to later have access to the written transcripts when I came across a situation in my practice where this knowledge was relevant. Thank you so much for a great series...This knowledge is vital for anyone working with clients to help them make changes in their lives."

Dawn Vincent, Social Work
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Give your patients ideas that could actually make a difference

This series will give you an in depth look at the role nutrition plays in your patients' lives and simple choices they can make to improve their bodies and minds. It is perfectly timed with the upcoming Holidays. Get the information you need to optimize your health.

We want to help you take your practice to the next level and we've found that practitioners who succeed:

  • continue to learn
  • build new skills and gain confidence
  • listen to experts at the forefront
  • tune-in and update their skills on a regular basis

Here's how it works:

You will be participating in this Nutrition Teleseminar Series using an...

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You will have access to each of the expert presentations by online audio at the time of broadcast.

For three consecutive days, Tuesday, November 15th, Wednesday, November 16th and Thursday, November 17th, you'll be given a webpage that will contain the access to that day's interview.

These sessions will be available for free only at time of broadcast.

But here's the thing...

  • If you think you'd like to listen to this more than once or at a time more convenient to you
  • Or if you miss an interview . . . you know too well how life gets busy and things come up

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With this Special Gold Package, you'll have the valuable advantage of repetition. Listen as often as you like and refer back whenever you want. Practioners have told us over and over again how repetition is the key to intergrating knowledge and application into their work.

We will show you how to use nutrition in your own practice and answer questions like...

  • What can I do to inspire my clients to make positive nutrition choices?
  • How can food improve my mood and enhance my mind?
  • What's the physiology behind nutrition?
  • What are the most important elements to a successful nutrition plan?

For 3 consecutive days, our specially selected experts can get you onboard with the VERY BEST...

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"The New Nutrition Series"

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