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  1. This is way more helpful than anhtiyng else I’ve looked at.

  2. The work I do with clients is completely based on them finding Spiritual resources inside of themselves. Those could be traditional ones, such as God, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, etc. But more often they meet Inner Spiritual Guides who are very personalized for them. It could be an Angel, a deceased relative, a past life friend or even a past life self, etc. And most importantly I connect them with their own Spiritual Inner Parents who can take over where their birth parents were not able to always give them the nurturing they craved and deserved. Most importantly, clients are able to realize that God resides inside of themselves and not somewhere out there.
    I taught a Body/Mind course that I developed at a Massage School here in Atlanta for seven years and I made sure to add the Spiritual aspect to the Body/Mind. Without that we are not seeing the whole person or doing them justice. I made sure that they heard messages from all of your scheduled speakers.
    I feel terrible that psychiatry leaves out that important aspect of humanity and goes for the chemical fix instead. There are practitioners more suited to doing true healing who may not have the credentials that appear to give people clout. Sometimes higher learning narrows people’s perspectives and makes them myopic as they keep their heads in books instead of in people’s hearts and souls. In fact Larry Dossey has some of the best things to say on that subject I’ve ever heard.

  3. I’m a rational psychologist with an honours and masters degree, a science qualification, who has also a degree in hypnosis, so that is the lens through which I view various phenomena. I’m happy to talk about philosophy (meaning of life) and psychology (how we deal with the frustrations of the gap between our inner maps, what we experience and our expectations), however I don’t engage in ‘spiritual talk’. I check if the person has an issue which they think may be helped by someone with this sort of discourse and refer them to somewhere. George mentioned Ram Dass who has also influenced me for many decades, however I don’t see it as ‘spiritual’ although I know that he had a deep connection with his guru. In the 70s psychology was influenced by meditation from the Indian tradition, and is now more influenced by mindfulness from other Asian traditions.
    One client said to me ‘how can you help me if Jesus Christ isn’t your personal saviour?’ I gulped and turned the question around and asked him how he was getting along with God – he said, ‘not so hot’ and we discussed how he could do this. I also offered to refer him to a Christian psychologist, whom he refused and he elected to stay with me whilst he approached his panic attacks (also influenced by being sexually abused by a ‘pastor’ as a child). Much of this is able to be approached via hypnosis, or gestalt methods. The ole 2 chair is still superb!
    So, I’m happy to discuss whatever is brought up, however mostly is relationship issues, either with family, friends or coworkers and also with themselves (have faulty maps which haven’t been modified since childhood). And there are value clarifications to be done (I answer to ACT as my current touchstone).
    I can sound like a real hard-ass, as I’m passionately interested in evolution, and concerned about the separation of church and state. In Australia, we are much more secular than the US. This discussion would take 10,000 words. In working with D&A, I helped many people to cope with the spiritual aspect of AA, reframing the higher power as the best part of themselves, and to take the wisdom from the group and not to get stuck on one aspect of it.
    So, here I am ready to listen to your course.

  4. As a family physician who has worked in hospices and in clinics for the low-income, uninsured I have found that spirituality is a crucial issue for most of my patients. Those who are facing terminal illness, loss and hardship are often searching for meaning and are longing to glean an understanding of their suffering. By listening deeply to their stories and helping them interpret the spiritual threads that are woven throughout their lives I have been able to point out some guideposts for their journeys. My own awareness of spirituality has made medical practice a much richer and more meaningful experience than merely writing prescriptions and ordering diagnostic tests.

  5. In ref to Erica & Crystal above, I have also experimented width the Healing Codes & EFT (Tapping) for myself & others. I find it especially helpful for those persons who have developed a shallow breathing pattern as a physical & psychological defense protection from events & feelings of physical &/or emotional abuse (rejection, abandonment, fear, etc). These persons, to some degree, have repressed/suppressed those terrible feelings that were too overwhelming to bear as they had no way of emotionally processing the feelings due to the lack of emotional & verbal support from a loving caretaker. These persons often get “in their head” to escape the emotional pain & consequently lose touch/expression with their emotions, leading to depression, anxiety, anger, etc personalities. Due to the emphasize of getting in touch with your body, as many energy therapies do, repressed/suppressed emotions can be dealt with, relieved/cleared to allow the positive integration of mind & body. Faith in a loving God can be a great support in working thru this process, which is never quick & easy, & often difficult at times.

  6. I practice a hands on healing called Therapeutic Touch. Imbedded within the process of the modality is a spiritual component certainly for the practitioner and often for the client. Both usually realize that the universe is more personally theirs than they had thought and that instantly deepends their connection to the universal consciousness which must exist to allow this proces to proceed so effectively. Once that connection is made with one energy modality, it carries over to others. I also practice and teach Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT – and see the experience similar connections to a larger consciousness imbedded in all Energy Psychology techniques.

  7. I do a lot of work with my clients around issues of beliefs, spirituality and embracing changes… my recently published book covers a lot of these issues (including a chapter on sleep…) I hope to gain even more insights through this program!
    Holly… you might reach out to Christine Kloser… transformational author… she might be a great resource for your book publishing endeavor…
    I published my book through Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishing… I hope this helps you.

  8. As someone who has lived with the chronic illness of epilepsy for over 10 years and who treats it fully through natural therapy, I give spiritual development in my life large credit for my healthy walk with illness. When my balance faulters, one of my dependable sources of true counsel and renewed energy is spirituality. I’ve written a great book about my odyssey with epilepsy and I’m looking for a publisher. If anyone knows of such a place, please let me know.

    • Try “Hay House,” based in Carlsbad, CA

  9. I appreciate the quote from your dad. So many clients have trouble calming their brains at night to go to sleep. The Jesuits use an Examen, a review of what in the day was life giving and what was not and then prayer to open up to and appreciate the life giving interactions and appreciate the Giver of life. Matt Linn and Dennis and Sheila Linn have been giving cutting edge spiritual retreats for many years and have excellent books on prayer, forgiveness and healing. Two of my favorite Christian fiction authors are Francine Rivers and Ginny Yttrup. I look forward to your webinar.

  10. I have found and am practicing The Healing Code which is a very interesting take on spiritual healing developed by Dr. Alex Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson. I have personally experienced healing with this approach and others to whom I have recommended use this method have experienced very satisfying results

    • This new program sounds very exciting. I’ve been following Ram Dass for almost 40 years, and he was the the first person to turn me on to Eastern spirituality and the benifits of meditation. I hope to share some his wisdom at this year’s CPA meeting and look forward to how 0ther therapists are integrating the psychological ideas withspirituality