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  2. Wow! Great to find a post with such a clear megesas!

  3. Interesting – returning to the point of the trauma – and reenacting the motions without the painful part – another thing I learned from another source I experienced for a time. I have practiced this with good results.

  4. Somatic Experiencing saved my life. Years of talk therapy and trying EFT did not help. But, at the time, to be fair, EFT was still in its infancy. Talk therapy wore me out.
    I reached a point where there were no more avenues to pursue. The a therapist was introduced to me and she introduced me to Waking the Tiger. Somatic works on everything. I had not realized how much of it I was already using instinctively.
    It is a great tool for quiting smoking, weight loss, and nearly anything you can think.
    Thank you.

  5. Dr. Levine is right. Trauma healing starts with the body. But it doesn’t end there. My Choice-Cube Method: Step by Step to Choice and Change, equips clients with time-tested techniques to take three more proven steps to integration and wholeness.

  6. This can be done mentally with visualization. You play the event forward and then reverse it rapidly back to how you felt prior to the event. I have used it personally for a rape I experienced when I was 18 y.o. and have recommended it to patients. I believe I learned it from an NLP cd that I listened to. Studies have shown that just thinking about an activity can be almost as good as doing it. There was a basketball study comparing real practice with only mental practice and then the combination. The mental practice alone was as good as the physical practice. The combination was much better than either. One separately. Dr. Katy Hoover

  7. I am always reminded of the movie ‘the horse whisperer’. After reading Peter’s book entitled ‘the tigers claw’, I was amazed at the similarity between the main characters in the movie. There was the horse of course and the young girl who was the rider. There was a terrible accident which resulted in the loss of one limb. The horse whisperer finally got the horse to lie down on his side and persuaded the girl to get on the horses side/back which enabled both the rider and horse to relive the accident and escape. The horse rolled back up and galloped off with his rider. The trauma was released for both the rider and the horse. Amazing movie about releasing trauma by going thru it. A must see.