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  1. Oh dear. I thought that this form allowed me to send a message direct to whomever runs this page. Now my personal information is on display for all, and perhaps searchable as well.
    I will be grateful if you will kindly remove my message and personal information.

  2. This page says, somewhat cryptically: “Want to hear the other 8 ways to promote neural integration? It’s free to watch *at the time of broadcast,* you just need to sign up.”
    When I tried to do the free watching I was presented with an expensive sales pitch.
    What gives?
    Thank you.
    T J Noonan

  3. Very informative and practical

  4. the more I read the more excited I get – in both with clients but also in addressing my own issues that I worked with for years it h

  5. Thank you for this aspect of promoting neural integration which strengthens a young person’s emotional intelligence. Parents want to understand, children want to understand….it is important to give them a way to hold what they either do intuitively or are searching for as a way to connect with each other. After all that, I just want to say – I am so grateful for the clarity myself. Thanks to Daniel for his ability to share this in a way we can understand. Thank you Ruth and NICABM for these valuable speakers!

  6. Ok you got me – I love this man. Was lucky enough to attend a whole day lecture with him in Sydney. Wonderful, important and such practical stuff. I’ll sign up for the gold pass. X