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  1. I must thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this website. I really hope to see the same high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has encouraged me to get my own, personal site now

  2. After a mild to moderate brain injury on my left hand side in ’96.
    I went through a series of Neruoplasticity based around interactive media.
    Learning to count to 10 again.
    Doing much more now…
    Working in mental health it is called Psychosocial conditioning.
    Now some decade and a half after the brain injury I use interactive media and 3d media to help with continuing my own Neurogenesis.
    As a side effect I can help the person I care for overcome substance used disordered injuries from cannabis and opiates. Diagnosed as Mood and Psychosis disorders by the ill informed medical staff.
    Changing her mood based cognition into problem solving based cognition with the interactive media designed to stimulate multiple areas of the problem solving areas.
    At this point I am starting to involve more 3d media for the purpose of increasing interactivity with other and increase communication.
    With the Intelligence of the mental health first Aid and the DSM-IV knowledge, the person I care for shows much less symptoms and can identify symptoms as they come around, talking about the symptoms and helping her overcome the habitual nature.
    I am sorry for the polarization of cognition styles, but with the level of intelligence at the moment, at a home level it is the best possible communication method and easily understandable.
    Small, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time effective goals are the best possible solution in this situation. 🙂
    You can tell there is biological changes due to the response time to communication and variance of responses.
    Using chronological memory access through problem solving also allows me to access the memories of the person I care for, so she can analyze her past mood cognition based decision and how to formulate a preventative road block in future.
    Problem solving access to the Memory is much fast and more assured then the memory based systems as well.
    Nutrient and oxygen level are also counted into the situation to increase Problem solving, giving greater results of cognition development.
    Neuroplasticity works and the mood cognition saturated systems that that will distort your statement are ill informed….
    Non interactive media and printed media are just some of the media that will mislead your results for their own political mood based cognition and substance use disordered ideologies.
    All what is termed mood based cognition so that the saturation of anything that causes a mood cognition can be avoided and increase problem solving media(interactive media and 3d media).
    Look after yourselves, I will keep journaling my results and hope you all enjoy the benefits of Neurogenesis. In chronological order as expected. 🙂

  3. I want to say thank you to you, Ruth, and to Sharon Begley and the other speakers you have and will bring into your wonderful series.
    The human capacity for curiosity, for passionate excitement about new learning, which you both model, seems to me a lovely mirror of our capacity for neuroplasticity.
    When I was young, my boyfriend at that time was involved in early stages of neurobiology research — learning to culture nerve cells. I remember he showed me a movie of the cells extending their axons toward each other — sometimes they would seem to sniff and turn away (like dogs meeting and not being interested), other times they would connect (like dogs who decide to play.) My former boyfriend (nowl a passionate senior researcher, see Paul Patterson, Infectious Behavior: Brain-Immune Connections in Autism, Schizophrenia and Behavior) said “How do they recognize one another?”
    Back then, he was interested in microlevel, the biochemistry of new wiring, today we are interested in the macrolevel, what we humans do that can change our own brains in ways that make our lives and relationships better. Either way, the curiosity and hope and love of learning are beautiful to behold.
    Thanks again.

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