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  1. During the holidays, I think it’s critical to step back and take alone time. Mindful meditation offers that outlet and gives us perspective, clarity and balance. Great article!

  2. I don’t doubt that stress impacts our physiological condition but I’m becoming weary of broad statements that are claimed and turned into “solutions” for our universal human problems. “Harder science about “Mindfulness”would be appreciated here. The majority of us are clinicians and hopefully, want more than pop psychology.

  3. My soulmate, retired after 22 years in the helicopter Army Medical Corps, WITHOUT A SCRATCH, was murdered in a driveby shooting on December 5th.
    I haven”t had A HAPPY HOLIDAY since.

  4. Dear Ruth and NICABM,
    Thank you so much for the synopsis of this research article showing the connection between daily stressors and chronic health conditions. As an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/tapping) trainer and mentor for 15 years I have consistently seen the remarkable transformation that happens in a person’s emotional and physical well being when they commit to learning and practicing this technique to immediately interrupt their body’s stress response.
    I appreciate having this article to support the conversation about the importance of persistently making this choice.
    Much gratitude for your work,
    Nancy Forrester
    Toronto, ON Canada

  5. Ruth…I’ve just become aware of how valuable your “Mind-Body-Spirit” teachings are – I had no idea that Humanistic Psychology is only taught in two universities in the USA!! When I was going to the university I couldn’t understand why humanistic psch was not taught – I decided it was because it was a university in the deep south that didn’t know any better!!
    I was in deep PTSD – I finally- after going to MANY therapists and finding no release – became deeply involved with self-healing thru books – many of the authors you have spot lighted – I spent almost seven years reading reading – I didn’t even have a TV – I came home from work and read and read.
    I didn’t know what was wrong with me…PTSD was unknown at the time and therapists were largely useless to me.
    Thank you = Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the people hurting/needing what you have to teach….

  6. Simple: I recommend my clients to either ‘escape’ to another country, or to mindfully share time with families or friends in the countryside or in a big city centre (with parks and water) from where most people have already ‘escaped’. Incidentally, I have found that the very best way of dealing with the still unavoidable stresses of life is to practice a simple, short routine of traditional Qigong (chi gung) meditational breathing exercises in the open air every morning before 8 AM, without fail; I’ve been doing this every day for 25 years and counting!

    • Tom,
      Could you please share the Qi Gong routine you do? movements with breathing? could is it detailed somewhere? I short routine of this kind would be just waht i need and feel drawn to as you wrote about it.

  7. Please indicate the precise source of this piece on stress. And it’s impact on physical health..It could help us in formulating our position on the importance of primary, mental health assessment, diagnosis, education and treatment in preventing subsequent physical disorders. Here, in Vermont where we providers are involved in health care care reform and have an opportunity to shape the future of health care we need this sort of evidence to support our clinical experience and our recommendations.