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  20. Having read Mr. Davidsons book on the emotional life of the brain in which he reveals the 6 styles of emotion (Resilience, Outlook, Social Intuition, Social Context, Self Awareness and Focusing), I was surprised to find that one of the strongest emtions around “Love” was not considered as a primary emotional styles.
    If not how, in fact, could “Love” be characterisred in terms of the 6 primary emotional styles or perhaps “Love” is so variable and its expression so varied in different people that it cannot be characterized at all

  21. It would be enlightening for me to attend a functional magnetic resonance and meeting personally with Dr. Richard since I carry the symptoms of PTSD. After all I do not live too far. The reason being is because as a civilian the experience one feels with trauma is merely understood as such and viewed as a mental illness or ‘disorder’. It is draining when I explain why my symptoms arise, which is for environmental conditions that re-enact old brain patterns. Self-care is essential in dealing with the symptoms of PTSD and one need the time to “decompress” to rebalance the mind-body connection. But by the time I return to my calmness again people have already ‘stigmatized’ that PTSD attends civilians who have been sexually abused. Not being my case, the situation becomes even more frustuating at a personal level,hence this explains my love for continuing my education in the field of mental health, advocating that people need to learn more about the neurobiology of the brain as well as students and practitioners with an interest in trauma treatments. So when I learn about the work of people like Dr. Richard, or the wealth of information that this site shares, is very rewarding and it propels me to continuing with my learning and gain the ability to advocate one day for more in depth educational programs that includes neurobiology and bio psycho-social effect in a person with depression and or anxiety.
    Thank you.

  22. I work with a variety of clients, including groups of incarcerated men at a max security facility where I teach meditation. All of this information helps me to provide motivation and explanation to my clients who, for the most part, are not “believers in” meditation or mindfulness techniques. Of course, it also helps me in working with my clients, but most of all, I pass it on, and as they understand how their brain works, they begin to feel some control and choice in what they do, think, feel and say. Knowing some of this also helps parents who have special needs children (hyperactive, depressed, overly impulsive, insecurely attached (often adopted)) see how a solution might actually be possible; it also helps them to recognize that there is more to their children’s behavior that just a desire to be difficult!

  23. Love your stuff
    Keep it coming – so inspiring

  24. I think the subject on neuroplasticity and how we can change our brains, help direct our emotions, is fascinating. I think there is still a lot to discover about the brain’s capacity.

  25. I LOVE having this science behind our work. Since I am working with re-patterning the brain through holistic means, tapping, movement and laser techniques, it is wonderfully helpful to be able to explain the reasons for why people are feeling better and releasing the emotional trauma that locks us into levels of dysfunction. Keep up the good work.

  26. Dear Ruth,
    Brain research is very important, especially in these times in which we see a growing number of people looking for short lasting pleasure in the use of drugs, which have profound influence on the brain Personally I happened to experience a long lasting period of coma after an accident, almost 24 hours. The periods of depression I had to fight with during my ‘twenties’ were not easy to cope with. And neither the neurological consequences of that accident with their influence on career and relationships..
    So You understand the personal especial interest in brain research.
    Cordial greetings, Hans Witteveen