What Stops Practitioners From Making the Most of Their Expertise?

What did people do before the Internet? This is a common refrain for folks of all generations.

Today, whenever people are in search of anything – be it movie showings, where to get the best sushi in town, or how to scuba dive – they simply hop right online …

… and this formula is no different when it comes to seeking out a way to solve personal problems.

As practitioners, we have so many new and different ways to make an impact – more avenues than ever to reach out to more and more people who can benefit from our expertise.

The opportunities are numerous. So are the people who are looking for help.

The key is often understanding how to connect with them for maximum effect …

But practitioners are often limited. What stops them may surprise you.

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  1. Jalen says:

    This arilcte keeps it real, no doubt.

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