New Brain Science

Dear Colleague, The New Brain Science is moving our profession forward, and you can be part of this new wave of innovation and treatment. In this just completed series, experts revealed some of the most astounding and life-changing approaches that you can use immediately with your patients. Many practitioners haven't figured out how to implement neuroplasticity into their work, but we've also seen many who've successfully integrated these new ideas into practice are finding them to be very powerful. So, what makes the difference? We've noticed that successful practioners go back to listen again and also, they reference the transcripts. They are the ones who listen to expert information over and over again so and they don't miss a chance to learn from these innovators. And when that happens, we're seeing breakthrough results first hand. And that's some of the best news yet for all practitioners . . . These new approaches can change people's lives. Neuroplasticity (the re-wiring of brain pathways) and neurogenesis (the growth of new neural networks) are the change-agents that will make our therapies innovative and sought-after. And with the expert team we had onboard for this Series, the skills and know-how of the New Brain Science can be in your hands.

Norman Doidge, MD

The Neuroplasticity Revolution and Its Implications for Health Practitioners: The Brain that Changes Itself

Norman Doidge, MD

  • What We've Learned About the Brain in the Last Five Years
  • Neuroplastic Approaches to Learning Disorders
  • Why There's Hope for Those Who Have Had a Stroke
  • The Paradox of Plasticity
  • Training the Brain to Stop Obsessing
Dan Siegel, MD

Why Relationships Are so Critical to the Developing Mind

Dan Siegel, MD

  • Interpersonal Neurobiology and the Developing Mind
  • The Biochemistry of Humiliation: Why Humiliation Can Be Toxic to a Developing Brain
  • How to "Re-Develop" the Brain
  • How to Utilize Mindsight to Influence Interpersonal Neurobiology
Rick Hanson, PhD

Guiding Self-Directed Neuroplasticity: A Mindfulness Investigation

Rick Hanson, PhD

  • How to Choreograph Self-Directed Neuroplasticity
  • Is the Glass Always Half Empty? The Neuropsychology of our Negativity Bias
  • Mindfulness Exercises: How to Use Neuroplasticity in Your Treatment Bag of Tricks
John Ratey, MD

Exercise and the Neuroplasticity Revolution

John Ratey, MD

  • The How and Why of Exercise Changing the Brain
  • BDNF: "Miracle-Gro"â„¢ for the Brain
  • Can Exercise be Used to Fight Depression and Addictions
  • Why Kids' Gym Classes Might Not be Neuroplastic-Friendly
  • A Regimen for Building the Optimal Brain
John Arden, PhD

Rewire the Brain: Think Your Way to A Better Life

John Arden, PhD

  • Feeding Your Brain
  • Working with the the Amygdala and the "Worry Circuit"
  • How to Introduce Brain-Based Treatment into Your Practice
  • Want to Improve Memory? Try Cultivating Attention
  • Exercise, Sleep, Food, and Humor: Welcome to Brain Fitness
Bruce Lipton, PhD

Epigenetics: The New Frontier of Brain Science

Bruce Lipton, PhD

  • Why Epigenetics Will Change the Way You Look at the Mind in Healing
  • The Role of the Unconscious Mind in Illness
  • How to Integrate Epigenetic Findings with Complementary Medicine and Spiritual Healing
  • Genetics vs. Environment: How Research into the Mind and its Perceptions Changes this Debate

Though this series is now completed, you can still sign up for a Gold Subscription to:

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  • And get the recordings and transcripts for all 3 of the bonus calls
With this Special Gold Package, you'll have the valuable advantage of repetition. Listen as often as you like and refer back whenever you want. Practioners have told us over and over again how repetition is the key to intergrating knowledge and application into their work.
What you get with the Gold Package:
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with a Gold Subscription

Daniel Amen, MD

The Magnificent Mind - The Brain Healthy Way To Improve Our Lives

Daniel Amen, MD

  • The Brain-Body Connection
  • How to Love Your Brain and Improve Your Body
  • Why the Brain is Like Clothing: One Size Does Not Fit All
  • Change Your Weight - Change Your Brain
  • Navigating Gender Differences in the Brain
  • The Stress Solution

Elkhonon Goldberg, PhD, ABPP-CN

How to Jump Start the Executive Brain

Elkhonon Goldberg, PhD, ABPP-CN

  • Why We Need to Know about the Under-Appreciated Conductor of the Brain
  • The Frontal Lobes and Brain Diseases
  • Neural Patterns That Can Bring Out Wisdom in Our Elders
  • Tired of Suduko Puzzles? Try a New Program for Cognitive Fitness

Larry McCleary, MD

Why the Brain-Belly Connection is the Secret to Achieving an Optimal Weight

Larry McCleary, MD

  • The Brain - Body - Weight Connection: How To Nourish the Brain While Losing Weight
  • A Metabolic Approach to Brain Health
  • Why the Brain-Belly Connection is the Secret to Optimal Weight
  • An Epidemic of Brain Starvation
  • How To Lift Brain Fog: A Brain-Body Health Routine for Patients

We're about giving you answers to your most pressing questions and helping you move beyond your most nagging frustrations. . .

  • How do I get the information I need? How do I link brain theory into my practice?
  • How do I help my patients understand this New Brain Science? How can I simplify complex ideas and make them accessible so they can integrate them into their own lives?
  • How do I get my patients away from the expectation of the "quick fix"?
  • How do I keep up with best practice?

"...This reinforced for me what I have intuitively known about not only the power of psychotherapy to assist in neuroplasticity and brain growth but also the power of relationships, especially intimate relationships, to do the same... This discussion has given me a new context for explaining the power of relationships..."
Dr. Erica Goodstone, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Somatic Body Psychotherapist
Deerfield Beach, FL
"This series of seminars was extremely informative and exciting. Each seminar provided an opportunity to learn about the topic from some of the leaders in the field. As always. Ruth did a wonderful job with her interviews and asked so many of the questions that we would all want to hear the answers. Being in Australia, It was extremely helpful being able to listen to the replays in my own time and to later have access to the written transcripts when I came across a situation in my practice where this knowledge was relevant. Thank you so much for a great series. I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to understand more about how the brain works and how it changes. This knowledge is vital for anyone working with clients to help them make changes in their lives."
Dawn Vincent, Social Work
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
"I will be using the information from the teleseminar to grow my private practice and to provide information to the public about the relationship between emotional disorders, addictions, nutrition and energy healing. I will also be using the information to write blogs and ebooks. The information was presented in an interesting and practical manner that communicated easy to understand ideas that could be easily implemented."
Alan Simberg, PhD In Counseling Psychology, Marriage And Family Counselor
Houston, TX

Neuroplasticity can take your patients to new levels of emotional and physical health, even overcoming traumas that may have been haunting them for years. We've seen practitioners fall short of achieving their goals with patients... and we've also seen practitioners succeed. And the difference? Practitioners who succeed:
  • continue to learn
  • listen to experts at the forefront
  • tune-in and update their skills on a regular basis
  • build new skills and gain confidence

Because neuroplasticity and its benefits are moving so fast, it can be hard to keep up with the latest findings. Neuroplasticity brings knowledge that's empowering. It gives us applications we can integrate into our own practice right away. . . But that's only if you know HOW! So here's the real question: Why not learn from the very best and learn every bit that you can?

In 9 valuable sessions, our line-up of experts can get you onboard with the VERY BEST...

The 2011 New Brain Science Series brought a never-before group of experts together. We'll give you a specially prepared agenda so that you have the framework for participating in each session. You'll see how their applications can have a direct impact . . . how they can change the work you do. The interviews are candid, in depth, and far-reaching.

They will reveal how to use neuroplasticity in your work.

What can you expect to get from this new series?
  • Power-packed interviews with leaders in the field
  • Total focus on learning and skill building that you can implement immediately
  • Hands-on examples on how you can use neuroplasticity in your own practice

"I was teaching a mindfulness class immediately after the broadcast that is part of a research project and I shared some of the information with the participants and it made for a very interesting class! Love to see the science supporting what many have known for so long."
Lenore Flynn, Nurse/Hospice Education
Albany , NY
"Amazing teleseminars! Everything I have listened to has been exactly the "meat" I will need when I complete my studies. Getting to hear firsthand the new science and discoveries of the brain is beyond exciting - it is just phenomenal. Thank you."
Monte Mohr, Doctoral Student - Holos University Graduate Seminary
Durango, CO
"Another great seminar. So many topics resonated with me as I recalled instances in therapy where this greater understanding of brain plasticity and particularly mindfulness and the specific means of applying them came clear."
Art Zambrano, PhD , Psychotherapist
South Dakota

Practitioners often ask, "How can I get the most from a series like this? How can I take full-advantage?" And the answer is really simpler than you think. We've all heard it before, and not because it's a bit of a cliche, but because it's true: Anything worth doing is worth doing well. And when you come right down to it, this just means commitment. When you make a commitment to be present. . . when you make a commitment to take action immediately. . . when you make the commitment to use these new approaches to foster neuroplasticity, that's when you're going to get the best results. Just another reason why so many practitioners decided to sign up for the Gold Subscription. They wanted:
  • Permanent access to the audio interviews to listen as often as they liked and whenever it was most convenient
  • Professionally-styled PDF transcripts of each interview
  • Special bonuses that gave unlimited access to additional interviews beyond the main series
So you might be wondering about us, the ones behind-the-scenes? Why are we bringing this New Brain Science Series to you? In a nutshell, it's about NICABM's commitment and to the best of professional development to the practioners we serve. Together we can change the way medicine is practiced. When we presented our first Brain Science Series in 2010, we had no idea how empowering it would be or even how many practitioners it would attract. But the interest and response was overwhelming, and even as the series unfolded, we realized how much more there was to uncover and make available to you. So that's why we ramped-up our Series this year to a whole new level.
Don't delay. . . Sign up NOW! "The New Brain Science Teleseminar Series"
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Ruth Buczynski

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