Wrestling with Life's Deepest Questions -
Integrating Spirituality into Our Work

inner peace

Dear Colleague,

In every human being there is a hidden wholeness – a larger self that can be nurtured. We lead our patients there when we go beyond traditional practice to deeply encounter the vast possibilities of the human spirit.

This is healing – to reach into the heart of humanity, one soul at a time and help our patients grow into new dreams for what is possible.

Isn't reaching for what's possible in life why we were drawn to help people in the first place?

That's why we’ve brought together the world’s top experts in one extraordinary comprehensive training program to examine how to integrate spirituality into our work.

Ram Dass, PhD Ram Dass, Still Here Book

Fierce Grace: Finding Courage and Compassion through Challenge

Ram Dass, PhD

Author of Still Here and beloved spiritual teacher
  • Why letting go of past attachments can strengthen our soul
  • Why mindfulness can help us counteract the fear of aging
  • How to identify with your soul more than your role
  • How "making friends" with change transforms the aging process
  • How "fierce grace" enters our lives and why it brings spiritual opportunity
  • Why it's crucial to avoid getting caught up in your patient's "karma"

Joan Borysenko, PhD Joan Borysenko, Minding the Body Book

Fire in the Soul - Positive Spiritual Practices for Healing

Joan Borysenko, PhD

Author of Fried: Why You Burn Out and How to Revive and president of Mind/Body Health Sciences, Inc.
  • Five steps of forgiveness for converting wounds into wisdom
  • The high toll that holding a grudge can take on health
  • Three symptoms of professional burnout and how to reverse them
  • How crisis kicks us into authenticity and opens doors to healing
  • A three-part rite of passage through the "dark night of the soul"
  • The stage between "no longer" and "not yet"
  • Why the "rush to safety" damages your patients' potential for transformation

Caroline Myss Caroline Myss, Entering Castle Book

The Extraordinary Experience of Ordinary Life

Caroline Myss, PhD

Author of Entering the Castle, medical intuitive, and founder of the educational institute CMED
  • The downside of ignoring the impact of spirituality on health
  • Why we need to surrender to the unknown in order to truly heal
  • Why gravity anchors and unfinished business can trap us in the past
  • How we can repair our culture’s unhealthy relationship to suffering
  • How to choose being better over being bitter
  • Two important strategies for building a spiritual life

Stephen Levine and Ondrea Levine Stephen Levine and Ondrea Levine, Who Dies Book

Why Preparing for Death Helps Us Better Participate in Life

Stephen and Ondrea Levine

Co-authors of Who Dies and teachers of online courses LevineTalks
  • Why it's essential to cultivate "mercy"
  • How readying for death can help us live better lives
  • How to release small griefs so they don’t grow into "unattended sorrows"
  • A journaling process for patients grappling with grief

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD Rachel Naomi Remen, Litchen Table Wisdom Book

Recapturing the Soul of Medicine

Rachel Naomi Remen, MD

Author of Kitchen Table Wisdom, medical director of Commonweal, and clinical professor at San Francisco School of Medicine
  • The profound implications of the unknown in medicine
  • How illness can give us new eyes and initiate spiritual growth
  • Tending the spirit during cancer - why it's critical and what it accomplishes
  • Why spiritual care is more vital to the practice of medicine than we realize
  • One easy way to find even greater meaning in your work

Larry Dossey Larry Dossey, Healing Power Book

Healing Words: Why Prayer Is Good Medicine

Larry Dossey, MD

Author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things and pioneer in the field of alternative medicine.
  • What the scientific evidence reveals about healing and prayer
  • Does prayer work?
  • Why it's risky to ignore our patient's health-related premonitions
  • What is "infinite mind" and why does it matter?

Ruth Buczynski, PhD Joan Borysenko, PhD Bill O'Hanlon, MS

Talkback Segment

Ruth Buczynski, PhD, Joan Borysenko, PhD and Bill O'Hanlon, MS

At the end of each of the six sessions, I talk with Joan Borysenko, PhD and Bill O’Hanlon, MS, in what has become known as the TalkBack segment.

For many participants this has become a favorite segment in the webinar.

The entire goal of this section is to focus your attention on how to apply what you've just heard to your clinical setting.

This is where you'll get even more ways to use ideas from the comprehensive training program in your work.

Joan Borysenko, Fire in the Soul book Bill O'Hanlon, Thriving Through Crisis

Here's the structure of this program

what is spirituality

Each session in this comprehensive training program is packed with critical information so that by the end, you will have a deeper understanding of how to integrate spirituality into your work.

The Gold Membership includes:

As a Gold Member, you’ll have the valuable advantage of repetition. Watch or listen as often as you like and refer back whenever you want – all of the videos, audios, and transcripts are yours to keep permanently in your professional library. Practitioners have told us over and over again how repetition is the key to integrating knowledge and application into their work.

Your Best All-Access Option

The Most Information-Packed and Practitioner-Friendly!

What you get as a Gold Member:

6 Downloadable videos to watch each interview at a time that’s convenient for you $180 Value
6 Downloadable audios for listening on the go $120 Value
6 Professionally-formatted transcripts of each interview $90 Value
4 Extra bonus session videos and audios that complement the program $200 Value
4 Extra bonus session transcripts $60 Value
TalkBack Segments $150 Value
Total $800 Value
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This program is valued at  $800  but when you register today you pay only $397!

you'll get with your
Gold Membership

Bernie Siegel, MD

From Surgery to Spirituality - The Medicine of Faith, Hope and Joy

Bernie Siegel, MD

  • Why healing is different than curing
  • How to treat a patient’s experience – not just their diagnosis
  • Spiritual lessons we can learn from our patients
  • How to transition out of traditional medicine
  • How to identify and foster your exceptional patients
  • What we can learn from difficult patients
Thomas Moore, PhD

The Dark Night of the Soul – Finding Spiritual Opportunity in Trying Times

Thomas Moore, PhD

  • How we can care for our patient’s spirit during illness
  • The spiritual calling to be a practitioner
  • Why the dark night of the soul can be a gift
  • How to get the most out of a dark night
Harold Koenig, MD

Where Science and Spirituality Meet

Harold Koenig, MD

  • How to design a spirituality research study
  • The connection between religious belief and health outcome – three important factors
  • How spirituality has influenced medical education
  • Can spiritual or religious struggles predict mortality?
  • Simple and effective questions to include in a spirituality assessment
  • The benefits of taking a spiritual history
Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT

Sexuality and Spirituality

Gina Ogden, LMFT

  • The link between spirituality and sex
  • What science tells us about the spiritual nature of sex
  • Why spirituality can help our patients recover lost desire
  • How spiritual can expand the capacity for pleasure

This program is valued at  $800  but when you register today you pay only $397!

Here’s what practitioners said about NICABM's programs

self healing

“This talk offered me one of the most enlightening perspectives I've heard from the counseling field. I'm really excited about this information!”

Kim Taff, EdS, LPC, Counselor
Atlanta, GA
 healing touch

“Thank you for bringing forward the best in research and applications to practice! I teach doctors and so much of this needs to inform how we treat our patients and how we take care of ourselves. A lot has moved forward, but there is so much more to do. Your encouragement and the online community is so motivating.”

Patrick Goff, EdD, Licensed Psychologist/Educator
Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica
spiritual growth

"What an outstanding call - full of understandable physiological information, implications for our clients, and ideas for therapy and intervention. This material is renewing my enthusiasm for my professional practice. Apart from sharing the practical ways of increasing neuroplasticity...I will be paying particular attention to my relationship with the client and the focus and energy that I bring to the session. Thank you!"

Joanne Williams, Social Work
Gilston, Australia

I Don't Think I'm Alone

I can’t think of anything more powerful or more necessary – especially right now – than becoming a more spiritually enlightened practitioner.

Of the thousands of you who responded to our recent survey, over 92% of you felt that at least some of the time, your patients' problems were rooted in spiritual issues. This calls us to a bigger vision for ourselves and what it is we do as physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, therapists, clergy and coaches.

You also told us that you wanted to know:

  • How to honor a patient's spiritual beliefs, even if they do not resonate with your belief system
  • How to address negative connotations about faith and life
  • How to address spirituality with agnostic or atheist patients
  • How to increase your patients' resources without imposing your own background and views
  • The difference between "surrendering" (to that which is bigger than we are) and “giving up” or “collapse”
  • How to include spirituality in a patient assessment
  • How to live in the most generous, loving and healthy way – with appropriate boundaries and excitement for life
  • HHow other practitioners are incorporating spirituality into their practice

spirituality and health

"Once I joined and experienced it for myself, I have to say that no other web based seminar series has ever come near the meticulous attention to detail and the professionalism of NICABM."

Jonn Mumford, D.O., D.C, Retired Osteopathic Physician
Redfern, New South Wales, Australia
spiritual love

"Thank you, NICABM, for taking the direction you are taking and providing a viewpoint that is humane, holistic, and scientific at the same time."

Harry Zeit, MD, DABEM, CGPP, Physician Psychotherapist
NNorth York, Ontario, Canada
spirituality and practice

“After participating in several of Ruth's educational programmes I am certain of her full commitment to excellence in what she offers to practitioners and academics alike. I greatly expanded my knowledge and skills...In my international work I deal with disadvantaged populations who may suffer from natural and man-made disasters and I feel reassured by learning more about how to help on the spot.”

Rosario Galvan, M.A. Intercultural Communication, BSc Biology, Health Education
Extremadura, Spain

These valuable sessions can get you quickly onboard
with the VERY BEST treatments to use with your patients


The Spirituality in Healing comprehensive training program brings together a team of experts like never before.

Drawing from the world's top teachers, we've distilled the best, most applicable lessons for each session.

The concepts and applications you learn in these sessions can be immediately utilized with your patients. And, after each session, Joan Borysenko, PhD, Bill O'Hanlon, MS, and I flesh-out the ideas and talk specifically about how to use what you learned so that you leave with take-home ideas from every session.

The webinars are candid, comprehensive, and profoundly useful.

They will reveal how you can integrate spirituality into your work.

What can you expect to get from this comprehensive training program?

  • Power-packed webinars with prominent leaders in the field
  • Total focus on learning and skill building that you can implement immediately
  • Hands-on examples of how you can bring healing to your patients

spiritual healing

Spirituality can take your patients to new levels of emotional and physical well-being, even helping them overcome issues that have been haunting them for years.

We know what it takes for practitioners to succeed. We've had countless practitioners improve their skills and deliver results with their patients.

Do you want to know what it takes to be an Enlightened Practicioner? An Enlightened Practicioner will:

  • put effort in to continually learn
  • choose to build new skills and gain confidence
  • listen to the experts at the forefront
  • tune in and update their skills on a regular basis

What Gives the Experts in this Series an Edge

These enlightened leaders know how to dig in and talk directly to us on a soul level. They’ll share how they went beyond the limits of the traditional paradigm to help their patients connect deeply to a source of courage, purpose, and wisdom that they didn't know they had – and how you can do the same.

mind body connection

Too often, practitioners over look their patients' unspoken need to address spiritual beliefs and concerns. Many of us weren't taught to ask those types of questions and feel awkward or ill prepared for the conversation.

I believe that every time we help someone heal, we change the course of civilization.

That’s because when healing occurs, a life is expanded beyond what that person might have ever thought possible.

And because of this, I am never satisfied by the status quo but am passionate about finding the most effective and innovative approaches for getting deeper and more rapid ways to reduce suffering and enrich people’s lives.

To do this, we search out the most creative, exceptional practitioners who have developed extraordinary methods for getting results with their patients. It doesn’t matter if they are well known or totally unknown. What matters is that they have an exceptional approach that is getting far better results.

And when we find them, we home in on exactly what it is they are doing that makes such a remarkable difference so that we can teach other practitioners how to get the same results with their patients.

If you are the kind of practitioner who also has a burning desire to find the best ways of helping people change, who will go way beyond expectations to be the best that you can possibly be, come join us as we identify what it is that makes these innovative thinkers so successful in their work.

Together we will change the world.

Don’t delay. . . Sign up NOW!

This program is valued at  $800  but when you register today you pay only $397!

Ruth Buczynski, PhD
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All Best,


Ruth Buczynski

This program is valued at  $800  but when you register today you pay only $397!