Entering the Unknown: 158 Practitioners Start Something New

Young Group Of Students In Campus

Do you remember what you felt like on your first day of high school? When I look back, I can remember feeling uncertain and a little bit scared in that new place with those new people. But I can also remember feeling a spark of excitement at the beginning of a whole new adventure. I think of these emotions because, just last week, we started a new program called Building an Online Program (and Impacting so Many More Lives). And many of the practitioners who signed up mentioned feeling this same way – a mix of excited and nervous –…

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Smile Train: Celebrating One Million Smiles

Kids Run With Kite

Is it any surprise that one of the most popular songs on radio right now is about clapping along in happiness? If you’re anything like I am, some days the news of the world can seem so bleak, you’re just eager to hear something different. So it’s refreshing to see something uplifting go viral. And here’s something else that brightened my mood today – I received an encouraging email from someone we work with at Smile Train (which is one of the outstanding organizations NICABM supports). Smile Train is an international children’s charity providing reconstructive cleft lip and palate surgery…

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Mindfulness: Help for Breast Cancer Survivors?

Celebration at walk for breast cancer

Last weekend, Walnut Hill Park in New Britain, Connecticut, was awash in pink for the annual Race in the Park, on behalf of breast cancer research. Throughout the event, breast cancer survivors were honored with a special breakfast, mini manicures, chair massages, and other amenities celebrating their courage and perseverance in battling this disease. The good news is, since 1990, more and more women are surviving a breast cancer diagnosis. The bad news is, many survivors continue to wrestle with feelings of anxiety, fear, and other distress requiring psychological intervention and care. That’s why I wanted to share a recent…

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The Scariest Decision I’ve Ever Had to Make

interior of a conference hall

Back in 2010, the year before NICABM’s last conference at Hilton Head, I faced one of my biggest fears. Our conferences had been going on for over 20 years. They were profitable, and they brought people together from all over the United States to learn about the latest in mind-body medicine. But it took a lot of time, energy, and people to organize those conferences, which put a limit on everything else we could do. So I took the bold step (or at least it seemed bold at the time) of considering the choice to discontinue the conference. The night…

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Fear or Comfort: Which One Holds Us Back More Often?

Man With Courage On Sunrise

Someone asked me recently how I developed the courage to step out of the box and do my own thing. And it really made me stop and reflect. But before I get into that, I want you to take a moment and think about what might be keeping you from stepping out of the box . . . . . . is it fear? Okay. Now delve a little deeper into that feeling of fear, and really think about where it’s coming from. I know when I’m feeling apprehensive, it is usually because I’m about to do something I’ve never…

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What’s Your Backup Plan? How to Expand Your Impact (Even When Life Gets in the Way)


A couple of weeks ago, I told you I’d gotten hit with the flu and was sicker than I’ve been in at least 30 years. Many of you sent me kind words of encouragement and well-wishes, and I’m so grateful. But I’m curious. What happens in your life when you’re hit by an illness, or need to take care of an emergency? With the way that most of us practice, if we’re not seeing clients, we’re not getting paid. So when something unexpected happens and we can’t be in the office to see clients, we lose money. But years ago,…

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