The house is full of company and the water pump just broke

Water…it’s something that’s so essential, but with modern plumbing, it can be easy to take for granted. . .

. . . that is, until it’s gone.

For those of us in the office, this “gone” phenomenon occurred more than once in the last few months. messy kitchen We were first reminded of the importance of water last summer. Paige, our diligent Director of Operations, had a water pump break.

Imagine this: she and her husband were hosting weekend guests and had just finished a multi-course dinner. The hot kitchen was full of dirty dishes, pots and pans. . .

By the time the water came back on 2 days later, the kitchen was a festering biohazard, the houseguests had gone home to take advantage of their working showers, and Paige was worn out from lugging home containers of water from a friend’s house.

Flash forward a few weeks, when Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc on the Eastern coastline.

The office lost power for nearly a week, with almost the entire staff in similar straits.

Now, out here, many of us live on well water. This means that when the power goes out, our water also goes out.

Firehouses gave out drinking water, and in the heat of August we all longed for the luxury of daily showers.

Seven weeks later…and Storm Alfred again knocks out power. This time, most of our staff didn’t get their power or water back for 10 days.

Again, the local firehouses set up water stations. And while getting water was inconvenient, we were thankful that it was available.

With these multiple water outages in the past few months, water has been on my mind. It has been on many of our minds here at the office – which is why Charity: Water was the overwhelming choice when deciding who we wanted to receive half of what we take in during this year’s Holiday Package.

We had only a small and partial taste of what it is like to go without accessible water.

Girls carrying water in India

What must it be like for families who have to walk miles each way to find safe, drinkable water? It becomes a full-time job for those (usually younger girls) making this frequent water trek.

These journeys are often quite dangerous and can keep young women out of school as they focus on this basic need for survival.

The bottom line is: water is essential for life. That’s why this year we’re excited to contribute to the effort to make water accessible to everyone.

When you buy the Holiday Package, NICABM will donate 50% of the proceeds to Charity: Water so that more families and communities will be able to count on their water supply.

And you’ll be getting a big savings. Please click here to take a look. It’s chock-full of ideas you can put into your practice this year.

It’s for a limited time only.

If you read my last blog, you already saw this video. But, I wanted as many people as possible to get a chance to see it, so we’re including it again. Do you have your own water tale? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Paul says:

    Most Americans don’t boil our water unless there is a water main break, flood or pluibc announcement by the government. Our water supplier is supposed to notify us if our water doesn’t meet EPA or state standards or if there is a waterborne disease emergency. If we know all the contaminants in our water these days, we should take more precaution. Yeah, I agree, purifier + boiling is the best way to go! (I heard boiling alone doesn’t get rid of all the chemicals and metals in tap water)exile

  2. Hi Kate, Before resetting the power was the yellow light on? Was the green light on?

  3. This is so timely. I recently became aware of the process of “fracking” and how it can damage and pollute our water supply for the sake of natural gas drilling. I urge people to check it out. We need to protect our water supply.

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  4. Jo says:

    I watched this movie last night and with great hope for a New Year this could be a pivotal process in balancing the disparities of many things in this world. It is so thought provoking I feel in that we can all take responsibility for blessing water and helping to create a better more alive planet.

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