Mindfulness . . . There’s an App for That?

Fingers touching smartphone

As technology makes its way into what seems like every corner of life, it can feel rather challenging to strike that careful balance of knowing when it’s helpful and when it’s not. And frankly, the last place you might expect an electronic gadget to come in handy is front and center during your mindfulness practice. But last fall, after hearing about some of the great mindfulness apps that have been released for smartphones, I was so impressed that I shared them with you. Twice, actually. Of course, technology is constantly changing. And so after hearing about more cool new apps…

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What Stops Practitioners From Making the Most of Their Expertise?

What did people do before the Internet? This is a common refrain for folks of all generations. Today, whenever people are in search of anything – be it movie showings, where to get the best sushi in town, or how to scuba dive – they simply hop right online … … and this formula is no different when it comes to seeking out a way to solve personal problems. As practitioners, we have so many new and different ways to make an impact – more avenues than ever to reach out to more and more people who can benefit from…

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Expand Your Impact
(without increasing your hours?)

Back in 2003, my otherwise healthy father had a serious myocardial infarction. For days I traveled back and forth from my home to the hospital in Massachusetts, visiting, keeping track of his progress, and advocating on his behalf. Had I been in private practice, or working for a hospital or agency, that would have been devastating to my work schedule and livelihood because I was out for weeks. You see, those working models are based on an hours-for-dollars payment model. For decades, we as practitioners have been primarily bound to this model, charging clients either by the amount of time…

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How to Stay Ahead of the Changes in Our Professions

Many of us were drawn to our profession because we wanted to help people . . . . . . but what happens when fewer and fewer people seek your help? With the economy and people having busier lives, a lot of practices are starting to see a steady decline in clients coming in on a regular basis. And attracting new clients isn’t any easier. Even graduate schools have started to add marketing ideas to the counseling and clinical psychology curriculum. But many seasoned practitioners in the field now don’t have that advantage. Meanwhile, other forces are competing with psychotherapy….

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Mindfulness Technology Part 2: More Mindfulness Apps for Your Patients

Mindfulness and technology

This might strike you as a bit odd at first – to be honest, it did me too – but technology can be your ally when it comes to meditation. Maybe you remember that I shared a handful of mindfulness apps a short while back – applications that could aid in your patients’ (or your own) mindfulness practice. I often get insightful thoughts from a lot of you via e-mail and on our comment boards, and just last week Dawn Baker, a psychologist from Australia, let us know about a couple of helpful apps . . . which got me…

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Mindfulness Technology for the 21st Century: Have You Tried These Apps?

Spirituality and technology

When I think of mindfulness, what often comes to mind is my early morning sitting practice . . . both the struggles and the benefits. My Droid smartphone and my laptop aren’t anywhere in the picture. And yet, perhaps they should be. Technology has given us computer programs and apps for just about everything, so it stands to reason that there would be something helpful for stress reduction and mindfulness, too. I decided to investigate. Here is some interesting mindfulness-based technology that I found (and no, I’m not getting any kind of commission from mentioning these): • Chronicle Books’ The…

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