Mindfulness Meditation – A New Way to Handle Fear

What are you afraid of?

For some of us, answering this question can be difficult – and it’s not because we don’t have fears . . .

. . . it’s because we don’t want to face them.

And it makes sense – facing down what we fear can feel utterly terrifying.

But Jack Kornfield, PhD has a simple way that we can help patients mindfully approach fear to regain a sense of control and manage its effects.

Check out the video below – it’s just two minutes long.

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For more of what Jack got into in this short video, and to hear some mindfulness techniques for patients struggling with feelings of inner emptiness or uncertainty, check this out.

Have you ever helped a patient use mindfulness to deal with fear? What about feelings of anxiety or uncertainty? If so, please tell us about it – share your experience in the comments.


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