Mind-Body Medicine 2011

The most common problems patients complain about - whether in psychotherapy or medicine - center on being in pain, tired, or depressed.

Could Symptoms be a Signal that the Body's Complex Balance is "Out of Whack"?

Dear Colleague, We've always known how responsive and highly orchestrated the mind/body connection is. When all goes well, that incredible design is in balance. But too often, symptoms are treated instead of their underlying causes. It doesn't take long to see how we could improve health outcomes if we had a 21st century map. Unless we're up-to-date, we can't re-program the locked and interlocking connections at the heart of health. Learn how to get beyond symptoms to treat the whole patient. Some of the least known ideas can have the greatest impact on healing. We've created this 6-session teleseminar series to empower you with an action plan for change.

Breaking Through Crippling Symptoms By Engaging Mind, Body, and Spirit

Joan Borysenko, PhD and David Leventhal

- Mind/Body Medicine Pioneer and Founding Partner of Mind/Body Health Sciences, LLC (Borysenko); Principal Dancer, Mark Morris Dance Group and Program Manager of Dance for Parkinson's
  • Setting the Stage: Can Dance and Movement Help Patients with Parkinson's Disease?
  • A Revolutionary Class to Help Manage Parkinson's Disease
  • Neuroplasticity and Our Brain's Capacity for Change
  • The Potential of Mind-Body Medicine to Heal the Whole Self
Martin Thall, a member of the Brooklyn Parkinson Group, and David Leventhal at the Mark Morris Dance Center. Photo by Katsuyoshi Tanaka

Why Hormone Imbalance May Be Harming Your Patients and Interfering with Your Treatments

Richard Shames, MD

- Founding Member of the American Holistic Medical Association and Expert in Thyroid Care and Treatment
  • Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, and Frazzled? The Consequences of Hormonal Imbalance
  • The Thyroid / Adrenal / Reproductive Balancing Act
  • The Role of Stress, Pollution, and Heredity in Hormonal Imbalances
  • Thyroid Drives the Brain and other Facts: Why We Need to Care about Thyroid Imbalances
  • How to Test for Thyroid Imbalances
  • Why a Thyroid Imbalance may be Causing Mental Imbalances

Photo Taken by Gilberto Taday

Mindless Eating: How Environmental Cues Affect Our Food Choices

Brian Wansink, PhD

- John Dyson Endowed Chair in the Applied Economics and Management Department at Cornell University and Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab
  • We Make 200 Food Choices a Day: How to Make the Right Ones
  • Food Psychology: Why We Eat What We Eat
  • The Mindless Margin: How to Lose Weight Mindlessly
  • Devious Experiments that Shed Light on Our Most Surprising Habits
  • How to Re-program Habits to Eat Healthier

New Hope for Patients Suffering from Chronic Pain: Why a Mind-Body Approach May be the Best Way to Restore Health and Vitality

Vijay Vad, MD

- Sports-Medicine Specialist at the Hospital for Special Surgery; Assistant Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine at Weill Medical College of Cornell University
  • The Link between Inflammation and Chronic Pain
  • Anti-inflammatory Foods to Lower Pain Sensitivity
  • Herbs and Supplements to Fight Inflammation
  • 3 Keys for Slowing the Progression of Arthritis
  • Managing Back Pain
  • Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Commonly Misdiagnosed Pain Syndromes

An Epidemic of Medically Unexplained Symptoms: Getting to the Root of the Problem Behind the Symptoms that Plague Your Patients

William Salt II, MD

- Gastroenterologist, Expert on medically unexplained symptoms
  • A New Model for Chronic Diseases
  • The Single Biggest Factor Holding Us Back From Resolving Chronic Disease
  • How Anxiety and Depression Relate to Unexplained Symptoms
  • Setting the Record Straight about IBS
  • A Mind-Body Approach to Addressing IBS

The Power of Space: An Overlooked Opportunity for Healing

Esther Sternberg, MD

- Neuroimmunologist, Medical Researcher, and Author
  • What You Get When You Blend Architecture and Neuroscience
  • How to Optimize Healing in Hospitals
  • How to Turn Cities into Healing Spaces
  • Why Space is an Overlooked Opportunity for Healing

Here's the structure of this program:

  • Why you need to participate in this event
  • What you can do if you can't make some of the sessions...
Here's how it works: You will be participating in this Mind/Body Medicine Teleseminar Series using an... music_note  Online Audio Player You will have access to each of the expert presentations by online audio at the time of broadcast. On each consecutive Wednesday, beginning August 3rd - September 7th, you'll be given a webpage that will contain the access to that day's interview. These sessions will be available for free only at time of broadcast. But here's the thing...
  • If you think you'd like to listen to this more than once or at a time more convenient to you
  • Or if you miss an interview . . . you know too well how lives get busy and things come up

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The Effect of Childhood Trauma on Health in Adults

Vincent Felitti, MD

- Founder and Chief, Department of Preventive Medicine, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program and Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSD
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences: The ACE Study and it's Powerful Effect on Understanding the Long-term Implications of Child Abuse on Physical and Mental Health
  • What the ACE Study has Revealed
  • How Practitioners can use the ACE Study Findings
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How Diabetes and Obesity are Ravaging the Health of a Nation, and Why It Matters to Health and Mental Health Practitioners

Francine Kaufman, MD

- Head of Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism Division, Children's Hospital Los Angeles
  • The March to Type 2 Diabetes: A Series of Metabolic Disorders
  • How our Paleolithic Genes Impact Diabetes and Obesity
  • Mental Health Factors that Can Effect Your Patients' Susceptibility to Diabetes
  • Let's Talk Changes

Unlocking the Secret Power of Food to Fight Disease: Using Nutrition to Optimize Health

Joel Fuhrman, MD

- Founder, Center for Nutritional Medicine and Member of the Board of Directors of the National Health Association
  • Overfed, Yet Malnourished
  • Why Nutrients may be the Key
  • How to Cut Food Addiction and Improve Weight Loss
  • Applications from the China Project
  • Cancer: A Fruit-and-Vegetable-Deficiency Disease?

A Mind-Body Approach to Building a Better Brain

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN

- Founder and Director of the Perlmutter Health Center, Adjunct Instructor at the Institute for Functional Medicine
  • The Impact of Chronic Inflammation on the Brain
  • How to Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
  • How BDNF, Lifestyle, and Nutrition Play a Vital Role in Optimal Brain Functioning
  • What Practitioners Can Do to Help Reduce Oxidative Stress
  • Brain Food: Eating To Protect Your Brain
  • How to Measure Brain Functioning and Its Susceptibility to Risk

We can help you uncover what's below the surface of you patients' complaints. . .

  • How do I get the information I need? How do I incorporate the most relevant Mind-Body Medicine approaches into my practice?
  • How can I simplify complex ideas so my patients can integrate them into their own lives?
  • How do I get my patients away from the expectation of the "quick fix"?
  • How do I keep up with best practice?
Here's what practitioners said about last year's
Mind-Body Medicine Series
"Thank you for the program today. The best reminder is the fact that our clients must be looked at from a holistic perspective... I have a couple of clients that will definitely benefit from this awareness."
Cheryl Austin, MA, CCC, RCC
Surrey, BC, Canada
"Thank you NICABM for taking the direction you are taking, and providing a viewpoint that is both humane, holistic and scientific at the same time."
Harry Zeit MD, Physician Psychotherapist
Toronto, Ontario
"These NICABM series keep me afloat, in touch, on track, well trained in my field, and more personally healthy. The best aspect, though, is that I feel validated and comforted knowing that some dare to go the extra journey to research and educate, so I can walk the path to health, and can share with others."
Mary Corsello-Vilcheck, LCSW
Midlothian, VA
"The topic was very informative. I have a client who continually complain of a lack of energy. Knowing about Adrenal Fatigue was eye opening. I passed on the need to get checked at our visit after the webcast. I will be making this a part of my intake questionnaire."
Tyrone Charles M.Ed., MA, CCHT, BCPC, Licensed Professional Counselor
Anchorage, Alaska
"Mindfulness and mind-body connection are familiar to me, however, it never occurred to me that pain could be viewed as caused by nerve-learned pathways. Dr. Schubiner's view puts a new twist into my research and I am looking forward to learn more from his book. Thank you for a very interesting seminar."
Jana Pochop, Student, MA, PT, Marriage/Family Therapy
Concord, CA

Take your patients to new levels of emotional and physical well-being, helping them to overcome difficulties that have been plaguing them for years. We've seen practitioners fall short of achieving their goals with patients... and we've also seen practitioners succeed. And it's not that hard to figure out the difference. Practitioners who succeed:
  •  continue to learn
  •  build new skills and gain confidence
  •  listen to experts at the forefront
  •  tune-in and update their skills on a regular basis

Here's what people have said about our past teleseminars

"This series of seminars was extremely informative and exciting. Each seminar provided an opportunity to learn about the topic from some of the leaders in the field. As always. Ruth did a wonderful job with her interviews and asked so many of the questions that we would all want to hear the answers. Being in Australia, it was extremely helpful being able to listen to the replays in my own time and to later have access to the written transcripts when I came across a situation in my practice where this knowledge was relevant. Thank you so much for a great series...This knowledge is vital for anyone working with clients to help them make changes in their lives."
Dawn Vincent, Social Work
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
"This series has been helpful in synthesizing the observations I have made while working with individuals who are suffering from relational trauma at the hands of the group (mob). Helping my clients visualize a fulfilling relationship with a social group may be an intervention that will help with the telling of their story."
Denise Lopez Haugen, PsyD. Square Peg Psychological
Gladstone, OR
"How extraordinary to be present - crossing time zones and cultures - and completely captivated by the wisdom converging here. It is clear to me as I work in practice with individuals traumatized by profound loss or suffering...that the first catalyst in this "firing" and "wiring" process is relational."
Debbie Correll, Psychotherapist
Dublin, Ireland
"I will be using the information from the teleseminar to grow my private practice and to provide information to the public about the relationship between emotional disorders, addictions, nutrition and energy healing. I will also be using the information to write blogs and ebooks. The information was presented in an interesting and practical manner that communicated easy to understand ideas that could be easily implemented."
Alan Simberg, PhD In Counseling Psychology, Marriage And Family Counselor
Houston, TX

Through valuable sessions, our line-up of experts can get you onboard with the VERY BEST...

The 2011 Mind-Body Medicine Series brings a never-before group of experts together. You'll see how their applications can have a direct impact . . . how they can change the work you do. The interviews are candid, in depth, and far-reaching.

They will reveal how you can use the latest Mind-Body Medicine treatments in your work.

What can you expect to get from this new series?
  • Power-packed interviews with leaders in the field
  • Total focus on learning and skill building that you can implement immediately
  • Hands-on examples on how you can use Mind-Body Medicine to treat the most complex health issues

Mind/Body Medicine is setting a new standard in the holistic treatment of patients...

We've always known how responsive and highly orchestrated the mind/body connection is. When all goes well, that incredible design is in synchronized balance. Too often, the symptoms we treat are really a signal that those intricate and complex balances are "out of whack." Many times the conventional approaches to health just don't do the trick. As a matter of fact, we've seen where the Biomedical Model of Medicine, a long-practiced approach, can have negligible effects on our patient's illnesses. That's where the new thinking in Mind-Body Medicine is making a difference. And with that, we can expect more successful outcomes in the hands of more highly-skilled practitioners. The new applications are most compelling - it won't take long before you discover how Mind-Body Medicine treatments can change the lives of your patients. If these new ideas that are showing such promising success are not a part of our practitioner toolbox, then your patients will simply miss out. Mind-Body Medicine is an ever-changing field. You'll want to be there with the experts who are leading the way. Get in on these fast-paced, idea-filled conversations with six of my colleagues, experts in the field who are developing innovative approaches that can free patients from long-standing illness. You'll hear about the same kind of patients who come into your practice. Their symptoms and complaints will be familiar, but you'll get the latest approaches.

Through these calls with the experts, we'll drill-deep into topics such as:

  • How the thyroid, adrenals, and the reproductive system need balance for optimal health
  • What our ancestors' genes have to do with the current escalation of obesity and diabetes
  • How new medical insights can shed light on unexplained symptoms and chronic diseases
  • Why nutrition plays a bigger role in chronic disease than previously thought
  • How dancing can help treat Parkinson's Disease
  • The easiest way to start eating healthy
  • New ways to manage pain and slow the progression of arthritis
  • The truth about IBS and how a mind-body approach may be the solution
  • Why more food doesn't necessarily mean more nutrition and why that matters
  • How thyroid issues could be causing mental health complications

Our mission is to change the way medicine is practiced.

If you share in this mission, then take a look at these six sessions and see how they might make a difference in the work that you do. This 6-Session Teleseminar Series is for you if:
  • you are looking to diversify and enhance your skills...
  • you are looking to add more expertise to your practice...
  • you are looking for that edge that puts your practice at the top...
  • you are looking for more effective results for your patients...

Mind-Body Medicine has never been more useful or accessible to practitioners than it is now. Today, many patients are too often misdiagnosed. So, the challenge for us in Mind-Body Medicine is to be ready with up-to-date methods and the latest knowledge. We can bring our patients relief from even the most frustrating unexplained symptoms . . . But that's only if you know HOW! So why not learn from the very best?

For 6 consecutive weeks, our line-up of experts can get you onboard with the VERY BEST...

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