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The Cortisol Connection: The Relationship Between Chronic Stress and Disease

You Will Learn:

  • How stress, increased levels of cortisol, and reduced levels of testosterone all contribute to an epidemic of obesity (p 6-9)
  • What makes cortisol balance so much more complicated as we grow older (p. 11)
  • How cortisol impacts Syndrome X (p. 19- 22)
  • Fatigue, insomnia, and cortisol: a predatory interconnection (p. 23 - 26)
  • Cortisol's double-edged sword: How it accelerates cancer cell growth and blocks the body's ability to battle the disease (p. 33 - 35)
  • How repeated stress and prolonged exposure to cortisol can lead to progressive destruction of neurons in the brain (p. 38 - 45)

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The Cortisol Connection: The Relationship Between Stress and Disease

Shawn Talbott, PhD, FACSM is leading the way in connecting cortisol balance to health and well-being. His work goes far beyond our usual understanding of stress to looking at the impact of cortisol. Connecting "the dots" between stress and high cortisol levels offers practitioners new insights, especially as we look to get a hold on an out-of-control obesity epidemic. While his research primarily focuses on metabolism, weight loss, sports nutrition, and human performance, Dr. Talbott shows us how cortisol balance can bring about renewed physical energy, mental acuity, and emotional well-being. In this report, see how the relationship between Stress and Cortisol is so pervasive and how it can impact what we do as practitioners.