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Happiness and Choice: How Choice Impacts Happiness

You Will Learn:

  • Why more choice does not always mean more control (p. 6)
  • Why selective choice is ultimately so important to satisfaction (p. 7)
  • How social ties can actually decrease freedom and autonomy yet
    increase meaning and satisfaction (p.10)
  • How rules, standards, and routines can make life more
    manageable (p. 15)
  • Why more choice does not always bring more happiness (p. 16)

Your Free Report - Choice and Happiness

Choice is critical to freedom and happiness, yet too much of it doesn't seem to make us happier.

In this report, Barry Schwartz, PhD, author and professor of psychology at Swarthmore College brings us a very different perspective on the paradox of choice.

Find out how choice impacts happiness and how the freedom of choice might not be all it's cracked up to be.