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"[Brain] science is explaining what we encounter in our clinics . . ."

Lina Ibrahim

"I was really amazed by how Dan Siegel explained how the brain works when there is a trauma. He explained it in a simple, comprehensible manner, and it made so much sense. Science is explaining what we encounter in our clinics. It also shows how important is our work as psychotherapists. Such knowledge makes us work better."

Lina Ibrahim, psychologist
Beirut, Lebanon

“I feel excited . . . because I understand a little bit more . . .”

Nikhila Ludlow

"Dan talked about how trauma . . . impacts brain development, and how the interaction between the different parts of the brain become impaired…This morning I feel excited . . . because I understand a little bit more...Listening to Dan and Ruth talking, and realizing where I am personally along the spectrum of trauma to health, and that it changes depending on what’s going on in my life – that’s exciting! "

Nikhila Ludlow, Feldenkrais Practitioner

“The epigenetics focus was enlightening . . ”

Ida Lee Duplechin

"The epigenetics focus was enlightening. It reminded me of the phrase I hear and say on a regular basis: l’dor v’dor (“from generation to generation”). Everything that happens is passed from generation to generation: ancient wisdom that is now in the spotlight with science."

Ida Lee Duplechin, MBA Med

Join this panel of experts for this short course so you are better equipped to reframe and learn from challenges in the treatment of trauma.

Dan Siegel, MD Ruth Buczynski, PhD
Dan Siegel, MD
Ruth Buczynski, PhD
Joan Borysenko, PhD Ron Siegel, PsyD
Joan Borysenko, PhD
Ron Siegel, PsyD
Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD
Bill O'Hanlon, LMFT

"What amazing research, well presented, I loved the epigenetics aspect and think this really needs to be considered, spiritual interconnection of ancestors and its imprints on current life form. The talk back was informative and the guidance from Ruth Lanius was very apt and constructive."

Hilary Adele
Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Energy Healer

"I enjoyed hearing Dan cover the impact that trauma may have on the brain chemistry of individuals and how trauma may affect the brain differently during certain developmental stages … he also spoke on the issues related to intergenerational trauma….. using, as examples, the offspring of individuals whose parents, grandparents…experienced the trauma of the holocaust and the potato famine…I also appreciated his position on the value of sharing this information as a means to promote empowerment when working with clients…"

Jean Robert, Psychologist/clinical social worker, wpb

Here's How It Works

We take pride in delivering high-quality, valuable training programs. This mini-course is packed with critical information so that by the end, you will have a deeper understanding of how to apply the latest changes in our profession to your work.

All five parts of this program are yours to keep permanently in your professional library.


Downloadable video to watch when it’s convenient for you
Downloadable audio so you can listen wherever you’d like
Professionally-formatted transcript of the session
TalkBack Segment to distill key ideas (this is where we “land” the session)
Next Week in Your Practice video to give you concrete strategies to use with patients
Printable QuickStart Guide to make review and action simpler than ever


Hands-on examples of how you can bring greater healing to your clients

Total focus on learning and skill-building that you can implement immediately

Why the transcript is essential:


  • The Transcript makes it easy to go back and double check concepts, citations and names that are mentioned
  • We put in a table of contents to make it easy for you to find the exact part of the session you need
  • Having the concepts already written allows you to take notes on how you’re going to use the ideas rather than transcribing the ideas
  • Some people simply learn better by reading than by listening or watching
  • You will be able to print out and share techniques presented in the session with your patients

Ruth Buczynski, PhD
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Ruth Buczynski

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*** Click HERE to get information about CE/CME credits and speaker disclosures ***

*** Click HERE to get information about CE/CME credits and speaker disclosures ***