Changing Lives, One Well at a Time

About a week ago, we held a Day of Donation. We decided that for one day, we’d donate everything we took in from the purchase of Gold Subscriptions to charity: water.

The response was overwhelming.

According to charity: water, it costs an average of $30 to give one person access to clean water. And this donation will provide clean water for 1,834 people.

That’s 1,834 people whose lives will be forever changed by access to safe, clean water.

That’s because water changes everything. To see what I mean, please check out this short video about the work charity: water does – it’s about 2 minutes.

You see, the majority of the people charity: water helps live in isolated rural areas – places where women and girls have to spend hours each day walking to collect water for their family.

That keeps girls out of school and takes up time that women could be using to earn money.

Not only that, the water they collect often carries diseases that make everyone sick.

But access to clean water creates opportunities for better education, income, and health – especially for women and girls.

So we’re grateful to everyone who purchased a Gold Subscription for the Treating Trauma Master Series on the Day of Donation, to help provide clean, safe drinking water for people who are desperately in need.

How about you? I always love to hear how folks are giving of their time, talent, or resources to help others. Please tell me about your favorite ways to give in the comments below.


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  1. y8 says:

    To see what I mean, please check out this short video about the work charity: water does – it’s about 2 minutes.

  2. mangafox says:

    If people who more knowledgeable about seeing their spirits and the ways they indeed do communicate

  3. Srishti nigam says:

    A job extremely well done
    Proud to associate with people at Nicamb

  4. Amy Hadsell says:

    I sing with Threshold Choir in Oregon. Threshold Choirs in US, Europe and Australia provide bedside singing for those on the thresholds of life. Gentle harmonies provided by 2-4 singers at bedsides and in homes. Music accesses different areas of the brain and provides so much ease and joy for clients and their families. Email anytime. This singing is free to all.

  5. Thank you so much for thinking of #Water for your donations. I’m an Expert in Water and have been working as a Volunteer for over 25 years doing Environmental Education Campaigns around the world – mostly with rural communities and school children. My last Campaign has been for the MEKONG RIVER in SE Asia, which is being destroyed by #Hydropower Trade deals, leaving 60 million people without FOOD (fish they depend on for survival) & bad Water quality. See:


    “Clean Waters and productive Water Ecosystems
    are the RIGHT of every human, animal and plant on Earth” – L. Corredor

  6. Frances says:

    I’m there for someone recovering from mental health issues, welcoming her for a meal with our family 2 nights a week, and having a phone conversation most other evenings. That’s why I enrolled for your course on trauma. Thank you – for the course, and for the sense of community you are creating.

  7. Linda says:

    I live in Australia and volunteer at Lifeline. Lifeline is a crisis support line that is free, 24 hours a day, year round. It is a privilege to connect with people who are reaching out for help and help them find inner resources as well as referrals, to deal with their personal crisis.

  8. San says:

    Spend many hours speaking, watching and communicating with dementia patients
    Whose family have left then there. It’s interesting to see how they respond to a gaze, a hello,
    A smile, or even a short conversation about their lives ..

    Many think that they are just a vegetable, but I find
    There are many ways of communicating.. and they are trying
    If people who more knowledgeable about seeing their spirits and the ways they indeed do communicate

    Sad, we are not doing enough in this area

  9. Annie Fitjo says:

    Well done NICABM and all who used the extra inspiration of charity: water to purchase Gold that day. Clean water is, for those of us who have it instantly available, very easy to take for granted. Very easy to forget there are millions of people , including here in north america, who do not have safe, easy access to water.

    NICABM folk, you do such consistent quality work. Thank you! I am grateful for all I have learned through your online presentations and courses. Like clean water, your work contributes to health and well being.

  10. GES says:

    Thank you for the newsletters and education. Very beneficial.

  11. Thank you all very much for a most excellently presented, informative and interesting course plus thank you all for your generosity of time. Thank you for donating a full days gold subscription takings to Water. Fantastic.

  12. nazeer sultan says:

    Thanks and Congrats.In the Caribbean,one of the greatest gifts is Training&Development.A few of these high-quality packages to Developmental Institutions working with individuals/groups can prove very useful in helping them to be more evidence-based and effective.’Teach someone to fish……..my2Cents…nAz

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