Happiness Matters: Bernie Siegel on Loving Your Life

Can you be so happy you forget to die? Bernie Siegel, MD might not go that far. But then again, he’s seen a lot of patients, and he knows how powerful it can be to love your life. So he just might. A recent study led by Michael Sadler at Roosevelt University looked at the happiness levels of 674 pairs of elderly twins, followed for a median period of 9 years. Sadler and his team found a significant link between self-reported well-being and longevity. They measured well-being by asking, “Are you happy and satisfied with your life at present?” On…

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Spirituality in Healing: A Worldwide Connection

We’ve talked a lot about connection during our Spirituality in Healing series. Well, you’re not just talking about connecting – you’re doing it. More than 10,905 practitioners tuned in to the 2012 Spirituality in Healing webinar series. That’s a remarkable number. And those practitioners joined us from 75 different countries. That’s a record. You’re making an exciting statement – that you care about alternative ways to help your patients, that you support research into these techniques, that you care about spirituality’s power to heal. And you’re making that statement all around the world. We’ve created this video to share the…

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Body, Mind, and Spirit: Good Practice, and Good Science

Psychoneuroimmunology and spiritual healing . . . I think they share common ground. For psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) researchers, it’s important to work with the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – and not just a single biological system. Here’s some research that shows the connection between PNI and spiritual health. Ruth Tanyi, DrPH and her research team in California investigated the effect of what they referred to as a PNI-based lifestyle intervention on depression. The intervention included spiritual guided imagery, muscle relaxation, and humorous videos. After conducting pre-intervention tests using the Beck Depression Inventory, researchers randomized the participants into two…

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The Courage of Surrender

Sometimes, it feels like we’re fighting for control in our lives. Maybe we’re afraid to surrender. Caroline Myss, PhD thinks it’s time to be brave. In this video, Caroline reveals the miraculous power of surrender. You might find yourself changing your approach to some of the most important things in your life. It’s only 3 minutes long – this is a lesson I don’t want you to miss. Click here to sign up. To learn more about how surrendering can help you heal, click here. Have you found grace through surrender? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Finding Wisdom Wherever You Go

We’re all searching for wisdom. In this series, we found it in so many places – in the eyes of a newborn, in a doctor’s dream, in the whispered words of a guru. But if there’s one thing we know about spiritual wisdom, it’s that you can find it anywhere you look. So we couldn’t resist sharing a little more of it with you from the Spirituality in Healing series. Take a look at this three and a half-minute video. I think you’ll find it inspiring. Click here to sign up. These teachers all have more to share. But we…

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Spirituality in Practice – Why Training Matters

Spiritual healing – we know our patients need it . . . and we want to give it to them. But it can be tough to combine spirituality and practice. If you haven’t talked with your patients about spiritual health before, how do you begin? A pair of researchers in Norway held focus groups with nursing students to hear their experiences integrating spirituality into their education and practice. Their findings contained some illuminating lessons. Many students felt responsible for the spiritual health of their patients, yet they felt that spiritual care was poorly defined and barely focused on professionally. Without…

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