Body, Mind, and Spirit: Good Practice, and Good Science

Psychoneuroimmunology and spiritual healing . . . I think they share common ground. For psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) researchers, it’s important to work with the whole person – mind, body, and spirit – and not just a single biological system. Here’s some research that shows the connection between PNI and spiritual health. Ruth Tanyi, DrPH and her…

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Can Meditation Lengthen Your Life (or Just Your Telomeres)?

I’m going to share a not-so-secret secret with you: I love telomeres. If you follow my blogs, you may remember me mentioning telomeres in the past, because, well…they just fascinate me. Telomeres reside at the end of chromosomes in order to protect them from deterioration. When cells replicate, telomeres are cut and become increasingly shorter….

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How Environment Affects Neurogenesis

Which room would you prefer… I imagine that many of you have children or grandchildren. Perhaps nieces or nephews? If you had to picture the nursery that you would want for them, would it look more like this: Or this: Did you cringe at the thought of putting a child in the sterile room at…

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Take the Adrenal Fatigue Quiz

Do you know the symptoms of adrenal fatigue? Do your patients report any of the following: Tired for no reason? Trouble getting up in the morning? Need coffee or colas to keep going? Feel run down and stressed? Crave salty or sweet snacks? Struggling to keep up with life’s daily demands? Can’t bounce back from…

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Thyroid Disorders, Environmental Toxins and Pregnancy: The Alarming Connection

Thyroid disorders were rarely discussed by lay people until Oprah spoke out about the topic in 2007, shedding light on a critically important issue. And why is the thyroid so important? The thyroid produces hormones that regulate many of the body’s metabolic functions. More and more research is surfacing that connects them to various conditions…

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Stress, Obesity and Our Children: What Mind-Body Research Says

Our lifestyle choices can create direct routes to conditions like inflammation. Even more recently, information linking psychoneuroimmunology and depression with stress and obesity has surfaced.