How Does Trauma Affect a Person’s Interaction with Their Child?

Trauma can change the brain . . . . . . but the person who experienced the trauma may not be the only one whose brain changes. In the video below, Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD describes what we’re discovering about the connections between a parent’s trauma and their child’s developing brain. Take a look – it’s about 4 minutes. How have you seen trauma affect a person’s interaction with their child? Please leave a comment below. For information on how to help clients reclaim what’s been lost to trauma, please click here.

How Can We Help Our Clients Grow after a Traumatic Event?

Trauma changes people. And for someone who just wants life to return to “the way it was,” this can be difficult to accept. But in some cases, people have not only been able to bounce back following trauma, they’ve also been able to experience growth. In the video below, researcher and author Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD offers her insights into what contributes to post-traumatic growth. Take a look – it’s about 3 ½ minutes. How will you use these ideas in your work? Please leave us your thoughts in the comment box right below.

A “Secret Kindness” Intervention for Working with Depression

Depression can rob our clients of the full, thriving lives we all hope for. And so often, a depressed client will avoid the very people, places, and activities that once gave them pleasure. In the video below, Steven Hayes, PhD describes a woman who suffered from both depression and anxiety. She started avoiding the business that she owned . . . . . . until he gave her a simple, unique, almost playful assignment. Take a look – it’s about 5 minutes. What ideas are you going to use with your patients? Please leave a comment below.

A Practical Skill for Defusing Anger

Anger is a normal (and often necessary) emotion. But when tempers flare and rage ensues, our clients’ relationships suffer, their stress levels skyrocket, and reactivity simply takes over. So how can people shift out of anger once the fuse is lit? In the video below, Marsha Linehan, PhD will share a practical skill to help clients defuse anger before it escalates beyond control. Take a look – it’s about 2 ½ minutes. Marsha’s strategy is practical, it’s simple, and it’s something clients can use right away, in almost any situation where anger threatens to boil over. Now we’d like to…

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Working with the Body to Release Anxiety

When anxiety strikes, it not only consumes the mind . . . . . . it can take hold in the body as well. And chronic anxiety can contribute to a wealth of physiological problems, including chronic pain, fatigue, and insomnia – just to name a few. Below, you’ll see how Pat Ogden, PhD worked with a teenaged girl to release anxiety that was stored in the body. Pat is a pioneer in Somatic Psychology, and founder and director of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. Check it out – it’s less than 4 minutes. Anxiety can be so limiting for our…

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Why Uncertainty Is Not a Problem to Be Solved

At the risk of stating the obvious, uncertainty is one of the only “certains” in life. And often, it fuels the fire of anxiety, depression, and many of the other issues that are so common to the clients we see. But what if we had a different way to frame uncertainty, so that clients might not fear the unknown quite so much? In the video below, Kelly McGonigal, PhD puts a unique spin on how to work with uncertainty. Check it out: Now this is just a sample of the kind of conversations we have in our NEXT Level Practitioner…

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