Guilt vs. Shame

What are the differences between guilt and shame? And how could it help our clients to have a better understanding of those differences? We thought it could be useful for you to have a side-by-side comparison of these powerful emotions that you could share with your clients. Because understanding these differences could help our clients begin to dismantle their negative self-judgments. So we created this infographic. (Please feel free to make a copy to give to your clients.) Click the image to enlarge If you’d like to download a copy to share with your clients, just click here: PDF /…

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Shining a Light into the Darkness

I’ll admit it. I’ve been counting down the days until this year’s Winter Solstice. As the sun sets around 4:20 each afternoon, and darkness envelops the windows of NICABM, I find myself longing for more hours of daylight. Is it any wonder, then, that images of light and dark play such a prominent role in so many winter holiday celebrations? The celebration of Hanukkah commemorates the miraculous supply of oil that kept lights burning for eight days following the rededication of the temple in Jerusalem. The Christian tradition celebrates light coming into the world in the form of a child….

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5 Steps to Changing the World

How exactly does change come about? As health and mental health practitioners, our calling is to help people change. But I’m thinking about change on a number of different levels. There are the changes we help our clients make, as well as personal changes we might hope to see in our own lives. I’m also thinking about change on a broader scale – change in our communities, change in our profession and, if I may be so bold, change in the world. Stay with me, and I’ll get back to you on what I mean by that. Recently, I decided…

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Work That Makes a Difference

“What difference does my work make?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? I’m guessing it’s one that many people might ask themselves from time to time. Here at NICABM, we’re committed to making a difference in people’s lives by creating expert training programs for practitioners. But there’s more to it than that. From the very beginning, one of our core values has been to give back to people who are in need. So at this time of year, I like to take some time to look back and see how well we’ve lived up to that commitment. And I…

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How to Recapture the Mystery and Wonder of Small Moments

Life can get busy – chaotic even. And amidst the chaos, it can be easy to miss the small moments of wonder that are truly life-giving. Here’s a story from Rachel Remen, MD about a doctor who had his eyes opened in a powerful way. In fact, he says that experience freed him from the cynicism, depression, and frustration he’d been carrying for years. Take a look – it’s under 5 minutes. Doctors aren’t the only ones who can miss these holy moments, it’s therapists, teachers, and parents – it’s all of us. Now I’d like to hear from you….

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How to Become Who You Want to Be – with Tara Brach, PhD

“I’m not as good as I should be.” It’s a common refrain from many of our patients. Helping them trade self-judgment for self-compassion is an essential first step in creating real change. Watch below as Tara Brach, PhD, talks about what needs to be in place before we can become truly free and open to changing ourselves. Breaking out of a long-held cycle of self-judgment can be difficult – but it isn’t impossible. How has compassion played a role either in your own life or in your work with patients? Please share a comment with us below.